Thursday, June 26, 2008

ke-horror-an post-case-presentation F5!!

salam & hi....

*d post which shud've been up last week*

last week, on wednesday was my group case presentation session, it was fun but the best part of it was after the presentation, want to know about it?read on....hehehe F2


It's wednesday (18/6/08)....after a long night with only 5 minutes or so of sleep, finishing my case write-up & presentation, i juz want to sleep but cannot, need to go to CPC, it's anesth turn... i thought it would be a really interesting case but to my demise, it was about hypernatremia!i was like,wut??!!nevermind la,still nice to know but i think the thing that i pickup from that CPC was this line:

"it's better to keep your mouth shut and make people think you're a fool than opening up and removing all doubt," - Mark Twain (if i'm not mistaken)

Nice line isn't it?Well,moving on,after that was the video session by Dr. Shamsiah, it was bout techniques in Cataract surgery, nice one~~ now, i shud be able to do it! (yeah,rite....)

then, it's clinic time with Dr. Then and it was our assessment day! yeah!!! F5
i got a case of POAG, nice but the auntie was highly myopic!cannot focus so well, aiya....
overall, i think evryone did ok la....gratz to all of us,hoho F2

then, finally it was the presentation @ 5pm in the Dept.
Below was my case:

* wut do u think? *

cool~~ at least i think mine looks better than hajar's, hard feeling eh?
A summary of my case:

A 66 years old Chinese lady, known case of type II DM for 17 years, with history of bilateral cataract extraction, presented with nausea & vomiting a/w pain, blurring of vision & redness of left eye. Examination revealed a reduced visual acuity of left eye (6/60) with hazy cornea, shallow AC and asymmetrical pupil. RAPD absent. Fundus views were obscured.

Final Diagnosis:
Retained visco-elastic postphacoemulsification

She's recently underwent phaco of left eye with PC IOL however, the visco-elastic used in that operation was not properly removed post-op so,it caused an atypical angle-closure glaucoma by causing capsular block syndrome (capsular bag distension syndrome). The pathogenesis is as follows; The visco-elastic somehow slipped into the capsular bag behind the IOL. Due to it's high oncotic pressure it draws water behind the IOL which leads to distension of the bag. The distended bag then block pupil opening causing blockage of aqueous drainage, this leads to accumulation of aqueous behind the iris and leads to angle closure later and patient will present with symptoms of ACG.

Give patient anti-glaucoma medications to control IOP then schedule patient for a laser posterior capsulotomy or AC washout.

(finally, the fun part, lala also had post this inside her blog)
after the presentation, around 6.40pm like that, evry other lecturer had finished already, our group also finished the 1st part of d presentation, another 2 person will be tomorrow (a.k.a thursday)...
then as we are going out, to our horror, all the doors were locked!!

me: wut?!! F5
d rest: i think we can go out thru the door at the lecturer side...
all of us:ok,lets try............locked oso!
lala: dr,why dun u use ur matric card to open d door?
dr then: eh,i forgot to bring it, :P
all of us: HAH?!! F5

then,me & lala decided to search for alternative route...searching2 but all doors seem to be blocked by cupboards...all look in vain until....:

lala:eh, cam leh kluar dri situ jer
me:a'ah, jom try...

fortunately, that door was not blocked and it opened up to a stairwell, it start to get creepy, that stairwell looks weird (kinda)....going down a floor and.........

it's d internal medicine department!!! F2 Fortunately the lecturers here are all hardworking (i think but i do see Prof. Datin Dr. Norella in her room) so, the door leading to the hallway was not locked!yay,we are save!!haha...i forgot to take a video of it, it would've been nice coz it'll looked just like a scene from a horror movie....

So, doctors, please remember to bring your matric card at all time ok?



MiLuViA said...

kite rs kite punye slide lg cantk je.
crite yg korg terkunci tu da dgr dr lala.
dr then tu memang lwk sdikit la.

XD said...

nk jgk menang cik miluvia nih...
dr then tu mmg lawak tp best ar satu grup ngn dier,nnt even mase psyvh pon die kasi dtg klinik dier,hoho

mYshah said...

... eh tetibe 3 entry serentak~ nice! nway aku rase shuknye lagi lawa :P

XD said...

hoho,tq shah :)