Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Absolutely hilarious....just don't be like them!!

Salam & hi...

i found this on youtube today. Some might had seen it but to those that haven't, watch it, enjoy it, just don't be like them ok?

What do you think?
So, to all the girls (and boys) out there who have their license, please practice your driving skills (especially about parking a car!) those that still haven't got it,well, know what to do... (no offense!)
Hahahaha.... :)


Friday, February 20, 2009


Salam & hi...

Alhamdulillah,i'm grateful to Allah for giving me & my friends good result in the most recent exam & giving us chance to continue to the final year (and closer to bearing a really really heavy responsibility as a Doctor)...

So, here i just want to say congratz to those that pass the exam & i'll see u in 5th year
To the one that have to reseat the exam, i wish u all good luck & all the best & i pray hard so that i will see u in 5th year, insyaAllah....

One objective done, now it's on to the next; time to execute the plan. To those that know what i'm going to do, wish me luck & pray so that it went smoothly, to those that don't know, pray for me too :)

.:: they're so adorable ::.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Post-exam; i see pink, fire & a few 'lovebites',haha...

salam & hi...

finally, the 4th year final exam is over!! can rest for awhile now from all the studying and catch up on all the games & sleep (haha)..but seriously, the osce part of ortho is a bit hard but overall i guess it's,i can only pray that all of us will be able to pass the exam, go for elective posting then start the final year, insyaAllah..

so, on with the real purpose of this posting! post-exam,it's time to relax to da max,haha...
so,i went for a movie session with my friends on Thursday after the osce session, 2 movies exactly, one in the evening (Pink Panther with hajar, lala, wani & farah) and another one in the midnight (Red Cliff Part 2 with roy), both at MidValley..

.:: all wore pink that day,haha.. ::.

Both of this movies were nice and entertaining..Pink Panther is a family movie,a lot of stupid jokes but okay la but there is not much pink color going around,haha..Red Cliff was superb, the war was depicted very well with all the fire and ships going boom,yeah!love it!

Then, from saturday to sunday, i'm off to Kem Isi Rimba in Kg. Kemensah, it's located around 5 minutes from Zoo Negara. It's an all-boys outing, around 18 ppl in total joined it. It's tiring but i guess it's worth it!
At first i thought we are going to stay inside a tent but we stayed in a hut, each hut was occupied by 3 ppl (it's okay la but i woke up more than 10 times in the night, haha..)
There were a lot of mosquitoes, they were practically like a friend...and both my sandal and shoe gone out of order & got to be thrown off,haih...

.:: the Kem ::.

.:: the one that joined it (some were missing form the pic) ::.

The activities arranged were great, on Saturday we kick-off with paintball fights, 5 session each person, nice, i was shot around 8 times with 1 to the head, fun...
It was followed by the abseilling session, it took me 2 attempts to get up the platform coz because the first time i climbed the rope-ladder my body posture was wrong, the second session i got it right (with the help of others,haha..) was exhilarating!! but a bit funny the night it's the bbq session but the food is so little,aiya...

.:: paintball equipments, the marker & facemask ::.

.:: go go go!! ::.

.:: the 'lovebite',haha.. ::.

.:: headshot! ::.

on Sunday, again we played paintball first, 2 session then it's 1+ hour jungle trekking and hiking to the waterfall's tiring but the moment we saw the waterfall, all of the tiredness was washed away and the only word fit for it would be 'Subhanallah',it's so beautiful!! After that, it's only a 30+ minutes hike back to the Kem (somehow, we used a shorter but steeper path)..

.:: rest for a while ::.

.:: hadi 'bermesra' ngan ulat gonggok ::.

.:: the waterfall (actually we climbed all the way up there but the pic is censored,haha) ::.

That wrap up the was so tiring, the moment i got back to my room i slept for 3 hours and woke up with muscle ache,haha...

So, that's all the update folks! To my friends that wioll start your reseat posting tomorrow (monday), i wish you all the best!!
The exam result insyaAllah will come out this friday, lets pray so that all of us will get good results,amin...