Monday, June 30, 2008

Euro 2008; final.....i'm speechless.....

salam & hi...

it looks like spain is the champ......they beat germany 1-0 thanks to fernando torres who scored in the 44th minute....
shocking.....gratz to spain fans....germany fans,we'll have our time at the world cup....(isk...isk....)

correction:it's in the 33rd minute,sry for that,too sad while entering this entry. :P



Thursday, June 26, 2008

Euro 2008 coming to a close!

salam & hi...

before i forgot, gratz to germany for beating turkey 3-2 & moving on to the final round, go & win that cup, yeah!!!

spain or italy?i think it would be spain to the final...

aiyak, i made a mistake up there, it shud be either spain or russia, sry2...nevertheless, i think spain will beat russia then in the final germany will beat spain,lol F2
go germany!!!

Update: Spain menang 3-0 so,its going to be germany VS spain in d final!


ke-horror-an post-case-presentation F5!!

salam & hi....

*d post which shud've been up last week*

last week, on wednesday was my group case presentation session, it was fun but the best part of it was after the presentation, want to know about it?read on....hehehe F2


It's wednesday (18/6/08)....after a long night with only 5 minutes or so of sleep, finishing my case write-up & presentation, i juz want to sleep but cannot, need to go to CPC, it's anesth turn... i thought it would be a really interesting case but to my demise, it was about hypernatremia!i was like,wut??!!nevermind la,still nice to know but i think the thing that i pickup from that CPC was this line:

"it's better to keep your mouth shut and make people think you're a fool than opening up and removing all doubt," - Mark Twain (if i'm not mistaken)

Nice line isn't it?Well,moving on,after that was the video session by Dr. Shamsiah, it was bout techniques in Cataract surgery, nice one~~ now, i shud be able to do it! (yeah,rite....)

then, it's clinic time with Dr. Then and it was our assessment day! yeah!!! F5
i got a case of POAG, nice but the auntie was highly myopic!cannot focus so well, aiya....
overall, i think evryone did ok la....gratz to all of us,hoho F2

then, finally it was the presentation @ 5pm in the Dept.
Below was my case:

* wut do u think? *

cool~~ at least i think mine looks better than hajar's, hard feeling eh?
A summary of my case:

A 66 years old Chinese lady, known case of type II DM for 17 years, with history of bilateral cataract extraction, presented with nausea & vomiting a/w pain, blurring of vision & redness of left eye. Examination revealed a reduced visual acuity of left eye (6/60) with hazy cornea, shallow AC and asymmetrical pupil. RAPD absent. Fundus views were obscured.

Final Diagnosis:
Retained visco-elastic postphacoemulsification

She's recently underwent phaco of left eye with PC IOL however, the visco-elastic used in that operation was not properly removed post-op so,it caused an atypical angle-closure glaucoma by causing capsular block syndrome (capsular bag distension syndrome). The pathogenesis is as follows; The visco-elastic somehow slipped into the capsular bag behind the IOL. Due to it's high oncotic pressure it draws water behind the IOL which leads to distension of the bag. The distended bag then block pupil opening causing blockage of aqueous drainage, this leads to accumulation of aqueous behind the iris and leads to angle closure later and patient will present with symptoms of ACG.

Give patient anti-glaucoma medications to control IOP then schedule patient for a laser posterior capsulotomy or AC washout.

(finally, the fun part, lala also had post this inside her blog)
after the presentation, around 6.40pm like that, evry other lecturer had finished already, our group also finished the 1st part of d presentation, another 2 person will be tomorrow (a.k.a thursday)...
then as we are going out, to our horror, all the doors were locked!!

me: wut?!! F5
d rest: i think we can go out thru the door at the lecturer side...
all of us:ok,lets try............locked oso!
lala: dr,why dun u use ur matric card to open d door?
dr then: eh,i forgot to bring it, :P
all of us: HAH?!! F5

then,me & lala decided to search for alternative route...searching2 but all doors seem to be blocked by cupboards...all look in vain until....:

lala:eh, cam leh kluar dri situ jer
me:a'ah, jom try...

fortunately, that door was not blocked and it opened up to a stairwell, it start to get creepy, that stairwell looks weird (kinda)....going down a floor and.........

it's d internal medicine department!!! F2 Fortunately the lecturers here are all hardworking (i think but i do see Prof. Datin Dr. Norella in her room) so, the door leading to the hallway was not locked!yay,we are save!!haha...i forgot to take a video of it, it would've been nice coz it'll looked just like a scene from a horror movie....

So, doctors, please remember to bring your matric card at all time ok?


fieldtrip ophthal -syukur dgn nikmat yg ada-

salam & hi...

time for another post,selepas sekian lama mencari ayat yg sesuai untuk post ini....sry kpd cik miluvia & en fuzz yg menunggu2 post nih...sepatutnyer dh post-up long long long time ago...

penglihatan...ramai yg ada nikmat ini,tapi berapa ramai yg betul2 syukur untuknya?entahla tp ramai yg take it for granted (peringatan utk aku jugak),menggunakannya sesuka hati,tanpa sedikit pon berterima kasih & bersyukur kepada-Nya untuk nikmat yg besar ini...bayangkan dunia ini tanpa kte dpt melihatnya,mesti sukar untuk melakukan kerja harian,untuk makan,minum...

fortunately,bagi student2 ophthal,kami mendapat peluang untuk melawat satu sekolah khas untuk orang cacat penglihatan...satu pengalaman yg membuka mata (+hati) & mengingatkan aku betapa kerdilnya manusia ini di sisi Allah s.w.t....

+------------------------- Part 1: bout d trip & school -------------------------+

khamis,12/6/08 - pagi yg cerah~~~,hari ni sumer student ophthal nk pegi fieldtrip,trip ke sekolah cacat penglihatan sumwhere around setapak,sumer sgt excited pagi tu (aku agak jer,i know i am excited F2)...

tp pagi tu,ader spoil sket sebab hazren ngn faiz tertinggal,sumer berperasaan F7..... (seb baek faiz datang gak akhirnyer ke skolah itu ngn menaiki lrt....)

*d school*

sesampainyer di sekolah tu,ader la taklimat (cam biase) pasal sekolah tu,sape student dier,sape pengasas & yg paling lawaknyer,ader satu part tu,dier gune program cam 'windows narrator' so,mmg lawak la sumer sebutan dier,x bley blah...x caye?try open program "narrator",haha...

*sekitar taklimat;hm..tgh dengar ke?*

then baru gi lawat around skolah tu,gi library,lab,kafe & etc...

*a nice garden;minus tioh out... lol F5*

*good court,seems like new...*

*d gym;i think it's better than ktdi's...*

*braille typewriter;cool~~*

*i decided not to upload any photos that have the students of the school coz they're like a patient and its suppose to be confidential i think*

+------------------------- Part 2: Drama class -------------------------+

Dalam sumer org tgh sibuk meninjau2 sekolah tu, ader la beberapa pelajar ini yg telah secara tibe2 enroll utk drama class & cikgunyer ialah cikgu fazrul, aku pon sempat join class nih tp......

*cikgu fazrul in action;hajar & tioh,sit please!!*

*d class:huh...x paham.... F4*

*dalam usaha utk meletupkn klas tp....mission failed*

*fazrul:punishment!!tu la,sape suruh x pay attention... F5*
*lala & hajar:sory cikgu...*

lastly, sumer cam x tau ape yg dipelajari dari klas ini except from rasenyer ader la sket2 teknik nk berposing & berlakon....haha... F2

+------------------------- in the end -------------------------+

pengajaran yg aku dpt dri trip nih (other than yg aku dh mention above):org yg x nmpk nih,wlaupun mata luarannyer sdh tiada mereka dikurniakan dengan increment in other sensation e.g. touch & mata hati diorang lagi clear dri kter, so jgn lah memandang rendah kepada seorang insan yg buta...

*time to go back to d hospital! F2*


Sunday, June 22, 2008

wut may name means.... huh?! F7

salam & hi....

after a long absence of post-ing in dis blog,finally...
disebabkan shah pon dh letak kat blog dier,x salah klau aku plak nk test bende nih,hehe... F2
neway, disebabkan bende ni define every words in ur name, aku dh decide untuk put name aku as:

"SHUKRI" nk panjang2...

well,lets see wut does that means:

You are the total package - suave, sexy, smart, and strong.

You have the whole world under your spell, and you can influence almost everyone you know.
You don't always resist your urges to crush the weak. Just remember, they don't have as much going for them as you do.

* wut?total package?no la i think...i'm not suave like akim, definitely not sexy cam roy, not as smart as kumar and not as strong as F7....d next part,wut?!d whole world under my spell?i wish....dat part of crushing d weak is definitely true a bit i guess, dat's y aku ske sgt buli org kot,haha F2....

You are truly an original person. You have amazing ideas, and the power to carry them out.
Success comes rather easily for you... especially in business and academia.
Some people find you to be selfish and a bit overbearing. You're a strong person.

* original?maybe kot,tgk la ape jadik kat sinki kat rumah A430 tu,haha... F6 success comes easy?no la,it is woven with strive & hardship...selfish?that's always the first impression that ppl will get about me,i wonder why?hm...strong?i've said it in the previous line but i'll try to be strong for d ppl that i love,chewah...haha...

You are a very lucky person. Things just always seem to go your way.
And because you're so lucky, you don't really have a lot of worries. You just hope for the best in life. You're sometimes a little guilty of being greedy. Spread your luck around a little to people who need it.

lucky?since when?hm....i dun think so,banyak jer bende yg didn't went my way & banyak jer memang aku hope the best in life,who wouldn't?and i am definitely not guilty for being a bit F2

You are a seeker of knowledge, and you have learned many things in your life.
You are also a keeper of knowledge - meaning you don't spill secrets or spread gossip.
People sometimes think you're snobby or aloof, but you're just too deep in thought to pay attention to them.

seeker?memang tgh seek knowledge pon skang,x tau la dh learned banyak ke x...bab keeper tu ntah la,x tau camne aku nk judge diri aku bab tu,kena tanya org laen ler,so wut do u think?last line tu fits well,coz the first impression yg orang dpt pasal aku mmg camtu pon,tnyer la sesape,haha...

You are wild, crazy, and a huge rebel. You're always up to something.
You have a ton of energy, and most people can't handle you. You're very intense.
You definitely are a handful, and you're likely to get in trouble. But your kind of trouble is a lot of fun.

wild?crazy?rebel?dunno,maybe a bit wild sumtimes,crazy a bit,rebelious a little tp xder la 'huge'-ly...i think i have tons of energy but they disperse quite fast so, lastly i'll be empty & lethargic..huh...trouble?sumtimes but i'll get into it alone,x ske buat trouble ngn org laen,hoho.. F5

You tend to be pretty tightly wound. It's easy to get you excited... which can be a good or bad thing.
You have a lot of enthusiasm, but it fades rather quickly. You don't stick with any one thing for very long.
You have the drive to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Your biggest problem is making sure you finish the projects you start.

yaya,aku senang to be excited tp kadang2 over-excited smpi over-expected,haha...bab enthusiasm tu btol la kot,susah nk stick ngn sumthing for a very long time,contohnyer skang nih aku dh jarang giler maen online game,lagi minat ke ps2 game,haha (swt...)
line last tu definitely true,sebab tu byk keje yg tertangguh....

so,itula maksud name aku,ntah la,ader yg btol,ader yg sipi2,ader yg cam x kene tp lastly korang lah yg nmpk aku camne kn...any comment? F2


Sunday, June 15, 2008

"you won't like it when i'm..... hungry!" ........wut?! F6

salam & hi sumer...

all of you must be wonderin' wut the heck is d meaning of the title rite?well,read on and you'll know... today, a lot of thing happenned in my life (ye la byk.....) sum are good, sum are not good... hoho...

my sunday goes sumthing like this:


i woke up around 6.36am, perform subuh prayers, read d al-quran, meanwhile......

shah (+akim) : wei!!sarap2...
aku: huh?ape yg budak2 ni memekak plak dh...
shah:kau nk ikut x?
aku:gi mane??hm....
shah:hajris la kot,mkn nasi lemak,cam smalam
aku:em....xper la,korang pegi je la dulu

shah & akim + naim then went away,leaving me alone in my room....haha... thought of going breakfast sumwhere else but.... (all of them got back around 8+am) around 9.07am..... major setback,due to sumthing not worth mentioning here,i ended up breakfast-ing in my room,huh~~~ FINE... F5 F5 F5

around 11+ am,said gudbye+gudluck (lol, F2) to shah who apparrently will be having fun.... then,12.09pm, went down to my Myvi, start d engine and....

i ended up in..... MidVal (again,haha)..... F2
why?coz i want to watch "the incredible Hulk",yeah!been waiting for this movie,lalala~~~
but i was going round and round the parking lot for almost 30+ min!! parking....

* d movie that i've been waiting *

the place was very very very crowded and the seat was finished!wut??!! F4
fortunately,i'd already reserved the ticquet,haha F2..., this time i got the seat way back from the screen (D13), nice seat... for the whole 2 hours in the cinema, i was like: F2 F2 F6 F2 F5 F7 F5 F2 F5 F3 F5 F2,hahaha....

comment for the movie:
overall: 8.6/10 (A)
graphics/visuals: 8.5/10 (d screen play, d hulk animation, d visual effects were astounding & amazing, d best thing is the final fight sequence between the hulk & the abomination, i was F2+F5 thru out)
characters: 8.0/10 (edward norton & liv tyler as the main actor+actress is quite the right pick)
music+sound: 9.0/10 (the sound effects is good also, the gun sound+missile+bomb were realistic)
storyline: 9.0/10 (start with short intro on how bruce banner became the hulk F5, then how he ran away from the army while beating some people up in the process F2, then how he meet back with betty ross F2, then how the abomination come about F6, then the final fight F2+F5 & then 'the END' F2)
re-watch-ability: 8.5/10 (i feel like i want to watch it back)

the best part in the movie was during the early 30 minutes, got one scene when bruce was corner up by a group of no-good-thugs,he actually said this:
bruce:you won't like it when i'm.. hungry! F5
thugs:wut? F6
bruce:eh,that's not right isn't it? F7
actually he was saying it in portuguese,lol coz for the first 30 minutes the story revolved around in you shud understand the title rite?

well,neway the outing ended up with me going to 'the coffee beans' and took away an ice-blended coffee+white chocolate,nice F2

* nice coffee,cool~~ *

then i went back and ended up in front of my laptop and writing this post,haha...
well,my sunday is not over yet,only god knows what'll happen tonight,hehe.....

* next in the list: hancock, dunno if i can watch this one,hm..... *


Saturday, June 14, 2008


salam & hi...

this is the pending post update like i promised earlier (finally got the right mood, yeah! F2)


last weekend i went to GSC MidVal with another 5 of my beloved fren (shah, hajar, ipah, ida, lala), d weekend progress sumthing like this:

i went to MidVal with shah with my beloved Myvi about 1.40pm like that, fortunately the road is clear, so we arrived quite early to MidVal, around before 2pm i think...
Fortunately, i've booked the ticquet already coz it's crowded F6...

* on the way, we saw this performance, cool~~~ *

* crowded like this (forgot to take pic of the crowd,but i think this picture is empty,lol F2) *

forgetting the crowd and got the ticquet already, we spot sumthing nice close to the cinema which is:

* Carl's Jr.!!!! *

so, we decided to grab sumthing to eat, btw, that day, i juz took a light breakfast so, feeling hungry at that time, i decided to eat quite a lot, yeah!! F2

* mine was the right side (chicken swiss sumthing),wonderful *

as we are finishing, ipah, hajar & ida showed up, sadly, all the foods are finished,haha...

* shared 5 ppl for this drink,btw,which one was my straw?lol *

then, the clock striked 2.54pm so we decided to went in the cinema, on the way, we stop-by at the popcorn counter and shah treat the girls popcorn and i 'pau' hajar for a popcorn,haha F2
owh, and lala showed up just in time, she took d commuter to arrive at MidVal, have sum business down in KLIA.

* muke di 'pau' F2 *

* hajar: caramel popcorn 1 + mineral water 1 F2*
* cashier: ok, sumernyer rm8+ (can't remember exact amount) *
* hajar: wut??!! F5 fine,here's the money,uuuu~~ F4 *

* seriously, do u think i look the same with po? F7 *

guess what, we have to sit in the 3rd row (F4) which is quite close to the screen, nevertheless, it is still enjoyable and nice..

* d 6 po supporters!!look at our height arrangement,like a smiley,lol F2 *

comment for the movie:

"overall, i'll give 7.8/10 for the movie, it is a nice movie for all family members especially the youngs, the breakdown is as follows, graphics: 8.5/10 (stunning & 3Dish, just wut u expected from Dreamworks), music+sound: 8.5/10 (d music scores are nice, d voice acting is cool & appropriate), characters: 9/10 (cute & nice development), storyline: 6/10 (quite expected d'uh, typical kungfu movie, hero is stupid & dunno kungfu, lastly become kungfu master & beat the bad guys), replayability or re-watch-ability (or wutever): 7/10 (B+)... "

after the movie, i decided to go and buy sumthing for my mother (it's for her birthday which had already past but hey, the thought is what matters rite?) with the help of the 4 girls!
lastly i decided to buy her a baju kurung, i think the color is nice, wut do u think?

* d baju kurung for my mum, d color & design is nice rite? *

then, we break-off and i & shah decided to went home already (it's 5+pm at that time, haven't pray asar yet! F5)..i decided to press the gas to da max,yeah! (tipu jer nih,haha F2)

so, that sums up last weekend, i think it's a nice weekend :)
but these past few days, i am a bit down due to some problems not worth mentioning here, to all those that i'd hurt for the past few days, i am sorry but i'm just treating u back like how u treat me, dun blame me tho...

* relinquishing the fact that i'm going to watch "The Hulk" this weekend,sry guys,1 person outing only this time F2 *


about the pairing of posting utk 4th yr medic 08/09 ver. 2

salam & hi all...

1st of all, i would like to announce again that the pairing of posting will be as follows:
1. triad + psychiatry
2. paediatric + orthopaedic

2ndly, i would like to apologize for all the inconvenience cause about this late announcement...F4
* believe me, i am also shocked with the pairing! F5*

3rdly, i would like to say that this has nothing to do with anyone or any organization, this pairing is decided by the higher echelons (lol) due to a few facts that i don't think worthy of being mentioned earlier but one fact is that, we are the 1st batch for this new integrated curriculum so, lets bear with this pairing and hope that it will be the best!!good luck evryone!! F2

4thly, i want to wish good luck to all friends in paediatric posting (e.g. ijan, irm, hazim, helmi, etc) for ur osce exam, may Allah give u calmness & ease in doing the physical examination & answering the questions and may the kids be nice on that day!!happy sharpening ur fartherly and motherly skills guys (and girls)!! F2

5thly, apparently, sumthing is wrong with my yahoo messenger so, i won't be YMing for a few moments, if u have queries, u can send it to my email ( or juz leave ur question here k?

6thly, just a bit publicity for amsa, about the t-shirt: the dateline for ordering would be next friday (20th June 2008), d price is rm25 (short-sleeve), rm 27 (long-sleeve), the sizes available are from S till XXXL, anyone interested pls contact ur posting leader or can directly contact me or hajar ok?


Thursday, June 12, 2008


nuthing to say,juz let d song reveal my feeling.....


EMPTY by The Click Five

Tried to take a picture of love
Didn't think I'd miss her that much
I wanna fill this new frame
But it's empty

Tried to write a letter in ink
It's been getting better I think
I got a piece of paper
But it's empty It's empty

Maybe we're trying,trying too hard
Maybe we're torn apart
Maybe the timing is
beating our hearts
We're empty

And I even wonder if we
Should be getting under these sheets
We could lie in this bed
But it's empty
It's empty

Maybe we're trying, trying too hard
Maybe we're torn apart
Maybe the timing is
beating our hearts
We're empty

Maybe we're trying, trying too hard
Maybe we're torn apart
Maybe the timing is
beating our hearts
We're empty
We're empty
We're empty


*to all that been asking,sry 4 not putting up d post about kungfu panda yet,currently not in d right mood,sry again*


Sunday, June 8, 2008

3 u have d answer?

salam & hi...

hm...akhir2 ni, ader 3 soalan yg selalu aku pikirkn tp jwpnnyer cam aku x brape dpt lagi, so...kpade sesape yg terbace post ni, leh x tlg aku carik,this is d questions:

1. What is d meaning of friendship?

2. What is the meaning of trust?

2. Lastly, should i entrust sumbody with my secrets who in d very least do not even trust me with theirs?

so,do u have d answers?


Saturday, June 7, 2008

i'm tagged....wut??!! F5

salam & hi...

* finally i was tagged by shah...wut?! F5.... bru nk sambong maen FFVII:DoC..... ape yg aku nk tulis nih.... *

The Rules :
1. Each blogger must post these rules first. 2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves. 3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names. (hm...klau aku tag org2 yg xde blog bleh?sbb yg ader dlm list aku tu sumer dh buat aku rs...) 4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged, and to read your blog. (mls la nk buat,x baek mengganggu ke'harmoni'an page org laen,haha) well now,on with d facts.....
1. i like d date: 21st November 1986
this is d date dat i like every year,y?coz it's my besday,hahaha....but usually ppl forgot about it and wishes me either earlier or later than that date (got one time a fren thought my besday is on december,zzzzzz F7)

2. d spelling of my name is SHUKRI
that's the right spelling 4 my name...most ppl will spell it wrong with syukri/syuk...not that i dun like it but hey,can u use d name that was given to me??

3. i'm a 'big' guy
yup,i'm big but hey,as long as i'm healthy & all it's ok rite?haha... F2 why i'm big?coz i like to eat & d type of fud that i like to eat is d kampung style fud with rice & evrything, i'm not like a few person who actually forgot wut is d makanan ruji of malaysian (which is nasi),lalala.... F3

4. i'm hot-tempered person...
to contrary believe, i'm not a really patient person....i'll be easily irritated when sumone really cross my path meaning they make sumthing that i dun like but usually i keep it to myself, coz in the past i burst out so easily that i hurt other's feeling without me noticing it so,rite now i'm trying to learn to control it...that's y u guys never see me burst out like crazy....

5. i like to play ps2 games
yayaya...this is d thing that i'll do most of the time & i can even stay up all night to play it..hohoho..i even shared my money with shah to buy a ps2 set to put in our house,haha F2 ....camne la aku nk study agaknyer...

6. usually on weekend i won't study
yup,it's true,usually on weekend,for the whole 48+ hours i usually end up not opening my book,i usually went to tesco or wutever to restock my supplies (hahaha) or i will play games most of the time...but i think it's okay tho,i need time to replenish my brain's adenosine amount & fill it up with all the endogenous opioids to keep me happy for d coming week,lalalala~~

7. i like d color blue & yellow (or any color close to it) this is d two main color that i like & most of the things that i owned is either blue or yellow,except my phone which is black and my laptop which is white...why i like it?coz blue is d color of the sky & also d sea,natural colors,it gives me d sense of being sumone really small in the hands of Allah and yellow is also d color of the sun (errr...wait,or is it orange?wutever) which is again a natural color...

* a nice view which have all d colors dat i like F2 *

8. d color of my Myvi is gold!

this is d last fact that i'll emphasize here...bcoz most of d ppl thought that my car's color is green & even won't believe it when i say it's gold (hwy,i am d owner,k???),even the rims' color r gold-like...

* d proof!!still dun want to believe?? F3 *

so...that's it,i dun think i'll tag anyone coz i guess most of d bloggers in my list had already done it... F3

* sry 4 d lack of pictures tho *


Chopstick?reti gune ke x nih......

salam & hi

finally a new post after a few days of freezing up, tq to the internet which is not stable this few days,haha... well, this post is dedicated to 2 person which is cik miluvia & cik ipah a.k.a org yg cam reti gune chopstick tp sebenarnya x tau,haha... F6

when?where?sumernyer berlaku di oldtown cheras pagi td, after ktorg gi bank (utk settlekn fees utk gi jepon nnt,yup i'll be going there insyaAllah tp sian kat akaun bank aku,tetibe dh terdeplete ngn byknyer duit itu,camne nk blnjer org laen nih...huhuhu F4) & also perodua (4 cik ipah yg hendak membetulkn side-mirror yg pecah possibly d/t ader org pecahkn,wut?!wallahualam,sabo ye ipah tp akhirnyer perodua itu tutup,sian... F6)

* 2 ladies who seems like knew how to use a chopstick (muka kekonpiusan) *

* hajar, wlaupun x tau sgt, jgn la smpi buat muke x puas hati camtu,lol F2*

* ipah,slh care pegang tu..... *

* akhirnyer...berjaye tp still can be perfected,haha F2 *

d morale of d story: aku rs baek korang berdue gi berlatih lagi,ckp nk gi jepon jgk nnt,haha...seb baek aku dh tau...chopstick usage is a nice-to-know skill coz hey,we r living in a multiracial country,it's nice to know other's cultures...but make sure u didn't do anything that go over the limits of ur own religion (which in dis case islam) & culture, alrite?

*waiting 4 tomoro,watching kungfu panda with shah & d rest,lalala~~*


Thursday, June 5, 2008

about the pairing of posting utk 4th yr medic 08/09

salam & hi...

untuk makluman anda semua, pairing posting adalah seperti berikut:
- orthopaedic + triad
- paediatric + psychiatry

info ni baru sy confirmkan pagi td (5/6/08, 10.00 am) & source sy ialah Prof. Nabishah dri JPP & ini adalah selepas mesyuarat fakulti perubatan yg ke-306 yg telah berlangsung semalam, so dh official!

Jadi,klau ader rumor2 laen pasni jgn percaya,k?pastikan sumber anda adalah rasmi...
Sekian, trima kasih...


--- d F words ---

salam & hi....

post nih ditujukan khas kepada sumer yg berada di luar sane yg sejak beberapa bulan ini asik ternampak aku,shah & hakim gune perkataan 'F' diikuti nombor, & x phm satu hape pon,lol...
this is d explanation with d pictures:

* F1 - usually when we want to say, "are u sure??" *

* F2 - when we are happy or when we want to say, "haha/cheer up" *

* F3 - when we say things like, "d'uh....NOOB!" *

* F4 - when we are sad or not happy... *

* F5 - when we are shocked or angry or, "WUT THE HECK???" *

* F6 - when it is like, "huh?" *

* F7 - when we say, "zzzzzzz...." *

so, after this i hope all of you understand d F words when we used it k??Feel free to use it urself :)


* pictures are courtesy of shah a.k.a XxsajuxX *

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

d dementia spells....

salam & hi...

Well, lately, aku rase aku semakin lupe dgn byk perkara, cam dh ader dementia jer, hari ni jer ader 1 insiden yg amat lawak iaitu:

" aku & lala pegi ke kdai photostat utk phtstt nota tp sesampainyer di sane, tibe2, nota2 itu tdk dijumpai...punyer le frantic carik & dh pikir dh possibility of tertinggal di hukm...lala dh cuak dh mase tu...but then aku pon pk la balik, rasenyer dh xde dh bende tertinggal di bilik tutorial wad & di kafe so....aku pon bukak beg aku, tetibe aku pon jumpe nota itu...aku & lala pon tergelak2 di situ sambil lala berkate bahawa aku sudah ader dementia... "

* no pictures sianz...F4 *

nk ikutkan, for d last 3 years in med school, memory aku terhadap bende laen makin truk, even to d study pon truk gak sumtimes, haih... so,klau sumtimes aku cam blank tu maksudnyer aku mmg x igt la...maybe sumthing will really happen in d future?i'm afraid of dat...incidence such as terlupe nk kasi treatment kat patient,tertinggal ape2 kat dlm patient intra-op & etc amatlah menakutkan & bahaya...ya Allah, jauhkan aku dri memudaratkan pesakitku di masa hadapan, amin~~

* maybe aku memerlukan sumone d masa hdpn yg akan igtkan aku bile aku lupe?who knows... *

=.= impending post(by this week insyaAllah):about d F words yg aku,shah,hakim slalu gune =.=


FYI. i'm neither DBKL nor MPK!

salam & hi...

All of you must be wondering wut does d title means rite?Well,read till d end & u know....oh ye,post ni didedicate khas utk cik rame2 & cik protocol assistant,haha...

I think last weekend was one of d best of all my weekend so far in 4th year,why?Becoz i went to 2 all-you-can-eat buffet!!!hahaha...FYI,i like to eat,lol :)

D 1st one was megat's besday (a fren from UMS) @ his parent's cake shop on saturday.I ate 2 kinds of cakes; icecream cake + cheese cake,yum2..Then,to top it off,they also prepared spaghetti + nasi dagang. Alhamdulillah, i was full, dat nite i slept with a full stomach and i think i dreamt about d cake,lol :)

* hepi besday megat,welcome to the age 21 *

D 2nd one was d wedding of wafy's sister. It was great, d food was nice, d silat was cool & d tarian was very traditional with even a more traditional song,haha... but, this is where sumone said this,"la,klau korang x abis xper,DBKL ader,MPK pon ader gak,"...i was like, FINE!!!wutever la tapi cam btol gak,haha...

* mase tgh lapar *

*d other big-eaters: shah,muhammad,nash *

* caught red-handed *

* cik rame2 & cik protocol assistant yg kelaparan *

* i wonder who'll be beside me later,haha *


Sunday, June 1, 2008

officially launched!!!

salam & hi...

yeah!!d blog is officially up & running, after a few hardship (lol)
feel free to leave ur comment!!