Saturday, June 14, 2008

about the pairing of posting utk 4th yr medic 08/09 ver. 2

salam & hi all...

1st of all, i would like to announce again that the pairing of posting will be as follows:
1. triad + psychiatry
2. paediatric + orthopaedic

2ndly, i would like to apologize for all the inconvenience cause about this late announcement...F4
* believe me, i am also shocked with the pairing! F5*

3rdly, i would like to say that this has nothing to do with anyone or any organization, this pairing is decided by the higher echelons (lol) due to a few facts that i don't think worthy of being mentioned earlier but one fact is that, we are the 1st batch for this new integrated curriculum so, lets bear with this pairing and hope that it will be the best!!good luck evryone!! F2

4thly, i want to wish good luck to all friends in paediatric posting (e.g. ijan, irm, hazim, helmi, etc) for ur osce exam, may Allah give u calmness & ease in doing the physical examination & answering the questions and may the kids be nice on that day!!happy sharpening ur fartherly and motherly skills guys (and girls)!! F2

5thly, apparently, sumthing is wrong with my yahoo messenger so, i won't be YMing for a few moments, if u have queries, u can send it to my email ( or juz leave ur question here k?

6thly, just a bit publicity for amsa, about the t-shirt: the dateline for ordering would be next friday (20th June 2008), d price is rm25 (short-sleeve), rm 27 (long-sleeve), the sizes available are from S till XXXL, anyone interested pls contact ur posting leader or can directly contact me or hajar ok?



mYshah said...

dun mind dun mind, thanx 4 da info :)
OMG i shocked like **** pasni paeds... :( xdpt blaja ngan ko lagi ble nak exam :(

XD said...

i oso shocked like **** when after triad is psych,dun mind dun mind...
ala,kan ramai lg student paed/ortho,msti ader yg leh tlg punyer :)