Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ramadhan & Syawal 2008

salam & hi...

looks like this year's Ramadhan is coming to a close in an hour time & opening the door for celebration in Aidilfitri...
I'm glad & grateful to Allah for giving me the nikmat of Ramadhan this year...
I'm also glad because i've completed my goals for this years Ramadhan, what is it?lets keep it a secret between me & god...
I'm also happy because i only miss sahur 1 time!
Right now, i'll just pray so that my puasa for the last 30 days were accepted, amin....

akhir kata:
"Ya Allah, makbulkanlah doa2 kami, lipat gandakan pahala apa jua amalan kami sepanjang Ramadhan ini & gembirakanlah hati kami di Aidilfitri ini..."

Ilal Liqa' ya Ramadhan...
Until next year, insyaAllah...

To my family, fellow friends and lecturers:

Until next time! Jyaa~~


p/s: i am thinking whether we shud do "jamuan raya bloggers", we pick a spot then do the jamuan there,we bring the kuih,maybe beli simple2 dishes,etc...this is just my suggestion,anyone interested?

post-AMSC Japan: Running around Tokyo

salam & hi...

finally the last update for the final day in Tokyo, Japan! For the final day, we decided to go on a walk around Japan (running occasionally,haha)...forgot to mention in the last update, after the trip to Disneyland, all of us were sent to different hotels to stay in for the night & i had the craziest dinner i ever had which comprises only of rice+nori (seaweed)+ice coffee...wut?!but i'm still grateful coz at least i found sumthing to eat...haih...

"my dinner......"

so back to the final day....we decided to go to:
  1. Imperial Palace in Ginza
  2. Asakusa
  3. Akihabara
  4. Roppongi
  5. Rainbow Bridge in Odaiba
Looks a lot? We spend about 12+ hours to go to all of it!! And it was fun!! Oh, we again divided into 3 groups, the same as last time at Disneyland, dunno why...maybe same minds think the same?haha... Sadly, there were no pictures taken in Asakusa (u can see the pics in my post for the 5th day), Akihabara and Roppongi this time...

+---------- Imperial Palace in Ginza ----------+

Only one word is fit to describe it: magnificient! The scenery was breathtaking, the lushful greens, the traditional architecture, etc... It's really worth it if you are a fan of ancient & historic places!! To get here is simple, it's just a 15 minutes walk from Tokyo station!

"looking at my distant future...yeah right, i was looking at the palace!haha..."

"behind me is one of the main palace side"

"picnic?where's d food?"

"one of the palace's gate!"

"nijubashi bridge!"

"beautiful isn't it?"

"another entrance to the palace"

"the statue of.... Kusunoki Masashige!"

+---------- Rainbow Bridge in Odaiba ----------+

After finishing up in Ginza, we went to Asakusa, then to Akihabara, next is Roppongi and the final stop for the day would be Odaiba! This is where the famous Rainbow Bridge is located...1st impression; It looks almost identical to Penang bridge from far but what's more is that it has two floors!the upper floor is for the cars & other vehicles to use, the lower floor is for the train tracks, nice! But it do looks nice at night, sadly we don't have much time here because we need to rush to catch the last train to narita..

"in the train, guess, is this pic candid or not?haha"

"ipah yg kelaparan; look at the paper bags!girls+shopping= unstoppable (in DoTA voice)"

"a beautiful & well-kept park (i bet it's hard to find one in Malaysia)"

"the Rainbow Bridge!!"

well, after that we rush off quickly to the train station, hoping to catch the last train to narita because we are staying in Tobu Narita Hotel for the night because it's close to Narita Airport...And boy i tell ya, it was tiring & funny a bit, haha...


well, that's the update for the final day in Tokyo, Japan..Overall, what i can say about Tokyo is that, it's really clean! In comparison to kL, it is like heaven and earth. The girls are also very kawaii~~ But i still love Malaysia (& Malaysians, hehe..)!! And Japanese people really have good manners, example:
  1. To cross the road, they'll wait until the light turn green no matter if the road is empty!!
  2. On escalators, they'll stick to the left side if they are not rushing off so the right side would be free to walk on if you are rushing!
  3. The cashier will always mentioned your total price of items, how much you pay and your balance no matter which shop you are in!
I guess that's all for my AMSC experience, got nothing more to add..I've also reached my goal of taking more than 1000 pics in Japan! Yay~
Until next time (if i ever go to Japan again, really hoping)!! Jyaa~~


post-AMSC Japan: Disneyland!!

salam & hi...

it's the 8th day in Japan and guess what, we went to Disneyland!! woohoo.....
but that's just it, no other place today, haha.... For me, this was my first time going to Disneyland and personally i think it was fun! Even tho we really feel hungry during the evening because we only stuff ourself with tea & fries in the afternoon but i think its okay la.... we were split into 3 groups; 1st:me,roy,ipah,hajar,zatil...2nd:fazrul,fariz...3rd:fattah,lala,meklin...of course the most havoc of 'em all would be my group,haha...The rides were cool, except for the ghost house which was not scary at all (maybe because we don't understand Japanese)... Enjoy the pics!!!

"when will we go in?"

"the entrance!!"

"it's their 25th anniversary so, behind me is the flower arrangement for it! kirei!!"

"the Disney orchestra!cool..."

"'Zatil' mouse?haha..."

"another one; 'Hajar' mouse,haha.."

"ipah nmpk pelik dlm gambar ini..."

"thanks to the akak attendant for taking the pic!"

"saje ambik kat signpost nih, x masok tgk pon,haha..."

"welcome to Critter Country!!"

"hajar with the white horse,eh,who's the knight?haha.."



"lala & meklin relieving their childhood time"

"the flowers are nice!"

"a vain attempt to mimic mickey,haih..."

"cinderella please don't run!"

"the crystal expert @ the crystal shop"

"a crystal palace, can i have one?"

"it's a small world!!"

"seronok korang ber3 ye"

"entrance to the ghost house,looks creepy but...."

"the ghost house; not creepy at all!"

"the mini-rollercoaster, thrilling!"

"behind me is the Tom Sawyer's boat"

+--------------- the Disney Characters!!! ---------------+

Other than the rides, we also met the Disney Characters!! Truely it's just people putting up costumes & make-ups to look like one but hey, it's nice! Almost every characters were there including Mickey but we don't take pic with mickey coz the queue was so so so long...

"cinderella! & the 2 bodyguards,haha..."

"captain Hook; please don't 'hook' me..."

",wait,u r not lying rite?"

"Jimmy Cricket!"

"Snow White; u shud be more careful when eating apples from strangers.."

"The dwarf....forgot the name la..."

"also forgot the name..."

"Bashful!! i think.."

"Rapunzel...rite? It's sleeping beauty la..."

"she's the heroine in Beauty & the Beast, forgot the name (the name is Belle)"

"Alice, Queen of Hearts & the rabbit"

"Goofy! on top of that thing"


"& Dale!"

"Donald Duck!"


"Uncle Scrooge; can i have some of your money?haha..."

*thanks to nani for the correction!!


well, that sums up my experience in Disneyland...truth be told, the pic above & my description won't be enough to actually describe it, u must experince it on your own!
oh yeah, i even thinking of going there again later (in years to come), anyone care to join?hehe...
update for the last day in Tokyo, Japan coming up next & i really need to post up things bout raya, haih....