Sunday, September 28, 2008

AMSC Japan: d 5th day, d field trip & d party

salam & hi...

after a really really really long hiatus,now i'm back wif the update on AMSC (haha,felt nostalgic)...sorry yaa,i just don't have the enthusiasm like shah or the other bloggers to sit in front of my computer and update my blog like every week...
so, on to the 5th day; today we went for the field trip & the destination of choice was "Yokohama Sports Medical Center" in Shin-Yokohama!! In comparison to other group, our group got the furthest & most exclusive place for the fieldtrip,too bad for not being group 23, took close to an hour train ride & walk to get there but it's worth it!

"hmm,lemme see,where shud i go....?"


"finally,Yokohama Sports Medical Center!"

"the gymnastics training room,cool~"

"sumone do know how to fly....haha"

"emmm,do you understand that?"

"the gym!"

"checking my BP.........hah?!"

"inside Yokohama Nissan Stadium!"

After that, all of us were planning to eat sushi at a sushi store somewhere there (still require a hefty walking time) but to our demise, it started to rain heavily!! All of us were wet even though we have umbrellas! huh..we cancelled it and then decided to split off to 2 small groups, one went to harajuku to shop-till-they-drop and the other (the one that i am in) went to........

"wut the heck r u doin there?"

.......ASAKUSA!! i like these kind of place, really have that historic feeling and besides, shopping can be done later!

"asakusa here i come!"

"the main gate towards asakusa temple"

"dunno what it means but it's beautiful"

"the place to shop for souvenirs!"

"another gate!"

"get your fortune for 100yen!heh.."

"nice smelling incense~~"


"asakusa temple"


"my dinner that day,ebi tempura udon!"

"can u see anything?hehehe..."

"kungfu panda!!!"

well, we finish sightseeing at asakusa at around 6.30pm and after having our dinner, we rush back to NYC to have our SGD and not surprisingly, we are the last group to start our SGD but we finish it faster that the other group,lol...then we gather back at around 11pm to complete our presentation but in the end it turn out to be a late-night party,huh...

"the late-night party,poor martin for having to complete the presentation on his own"

well, that sums up of what happenned in the 5th day! More updates is coming!!