Monday, September 29, 2008

AMSC Japan: d 6th day, d old folks & d most serene place in Tokyo

salam & hi....

moving on to the next day of AMSC, the 6th! A lot of things happened that day but the most memorable would be the one in the evening,why?read on!!

+--------------- in the morning ---------------+

This morning i woke up late! 8.30am so, i miss the breakfast, sob...sob... then at 9.00am we were having a group presentation on the fieldtrip the day before and the case discussion in the SGD was fun with some groups making some sketch, great work guys!! and most of my group members have a bad hang-over coz they chow in lots of booze,huh...

"post-party hangover; taka,u shouldn't have drank too much...."

"we are listening, not posing...........true!!"

"the group presentation..."

"men'curi' baju org laen,tq odenk!!haha.."

+--------------- community visit to Old Folks' House ---------------+

In the afternoon we have our community vist & the destination this time was an Old Folks' House (thank god it's not far like the previous two places)..we have a good time there meeting with the old people and we even dished out some of our best performances!! Ephied & Odenk with their Indonesian dance, Cedric & Tom with their Korean dance and i was alone in performing the Zapin! and guess what, the old folks love my Zapin!!hohohoho... (^.^) too bad i don't have the photos of me doing it, huh...

"it's noon & the roads in shinjuku were empty!!so different compared to kL..."

"i'm shocked looking at the price's 8000yen per t-shirt!!"

"bicycle parking lot,we don't get to see this in m'sia"

"the petrol station!finally found one,heh..."

"this is the old folks house! ('yayoi houmu',i think it's mentioned like that)"

"us greeting the old folks!"

"getting ready to do the indonesian dance!!"

"go ephied & odenk!!"

"an energetic performance from ced & tom"

"happy post-dance!"

"this pakcik loved the zapin!!"

+--------------- the best place to be ---------------+

after finishing our session at the old folks' house, we had like 4+ hours time to ourself and we decided to split up and do whatever we having lots of free time like that then remebered a place where i haven't had time to go to earlier and it's such an important place to go...where?the place is...............

"deciding on where to go"

.......TOKYO JAMI'E MOSQUE!!!! the first word that i uttered when i found it was 'subhanallah' was so beautiful & calm that i am at lost of words when i'm there, it felt so good to finally be in a place where i feel so calm & relaxed....for those that want to go to this mosque: you take the "Odakyu line" to go to "Yoyogi-Uehara" station, then from there exit thru the "north exit", make left, another left and at the main road, cross it, make a right, another 3 minutes walk and voila, you are there!

"tokyo jami'e mosque!"

the mosque is divided into two floors, the ground floor is the community hall and the 1st floor is the prayer hall, cool~~

"the door leading inside to the community place, the prayer hall is upstairs"

"this is just beautiful~~"

"the door leading to the prayer hall"

"the prayer hall!"

"it actually have instructions in Malay!!i'm impressed!"

"a handwritten al-Quran"

+--------------- the nighttime ---------------+

after spending my whole evening at the mosque it's time to go back and went to the keynote lectures (after the dinner of course) but during the lecture i slept about 70% of the time, haha..... and because i found it to be quite boring, i mischieviously skip the lecture midway & decided to go to......

"the two lecturers"

.......TOKYO TOWER!!! And i was not alone, accompanied by my trusty co-culprit, Lala, haha.... (but actually we arrived there a bit late so we cannot go up to the top floor...haih....) nevertheless, it was fun being there and on the way back we stop for a while in roppongi and bump into roy, ipah, zatil & hajar..we even found a 'ayam golek' stand!! we are so so so happy to finally eat chicken meat after being here for close to 1 week,haha... and the situation where we have to run to catch up the last train of the day sure was cool,ask Lala bout it,haha...

"Tokyo Tower!!! looks like Eiffel isn't it?"

"Tokyo Tower again, now with me in front of it!"

"with the co-culprit,haha..."


That's what happened in the 6th day, it was fun but nevertheless enlightening....My advice, for those of you that planned to go to Japan, you must include both Tokyo Jami'e Mosque and Tokyo Tower in your must-visit place, trust me, it's worth it!!
Until next time, Jyaa~~



alialalala said...

aish...baca entry neh
teringat saat2 kte duk mengejar train tu kan shuk
da pk mcm2 plan da
kalu telepas train
sayang je kte terlambat sket kalu x sure da dpt naik kan?

XD said...

a'ah,dh pk dh nk jln smpi pagi kat roppongi tu then gi tsukiji fish market..
even after balik pun kan lps tu plan nk gi tsukiji tp sbb due2 x bgn awal x pegi kn,haha