Saturday, January 24, 2009


salam & hi...

how's your study week going along? i hope its fine! :)
Over here is a news that i hope will boost your morale in going into the exam!
last thursday, I & erida were honored with the chance to discuss about our 5th year curriculum with Prof. Nabishah at her office. It was a fruitful discussion and here, i would like to update all of you about it.. be reminded that this is still NOT YET CONFIRMED 100% because it haven't been approved by the senate yet.

1. Our holiday at the end of this 4th year will start on 14/2/09 and will end on 12/4/09. And it will be our last long holiday coz in 5th year, we'll only have 1 week for Aidilfitri and 1 week for CNY. Make sure you finish your elective posting by 12/4/09!

2. We'll start with SSM for 7 weeks followed by PPD Camp 3 for 1 week. Nice arrangement, give us a little break in between!

3. Then, from 8/6/09 till 19/2/10 we'll be divided into 5 groups and will be undergoing these postings:
  • Family Medicine (5 weeks) + Emergency Medicine (2 weeks)
  • Internal Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Paediatric
  • O&G
For all of these postings, the 5 group will have a short stint in either Slim River Hospital, *correction Teluk Intan Hospital, GHKL or Klinik Kesihatan Bt. 9 Hulu Langat.

4. *(Important!!!) For forensics, we are given until 24/7/10 to complete 10 observations, perform 2 and write 2 reports of postmortem cases. It's the continuation of what we are doing now!

5. We'll have 4 weeks of study leave (22/2/10 - 19/3/10) before heading into the Pro Exam on 22/3/10 - 2/4/10!

Well, i guess that's the news and again i remind that it is NOT confirmed yet. I hope it raise your spirit to go into the exam!!

.:: there's 2 abnormalities in this X-ray,can you find it? ::.

Another note, there'll be a solar eclipse this monday (26/1/09) from 2pm - 6pm (you can read about it here). For the muslims, lets do the solat sunat!!! Enjoy!

:: good luck for the exam!!! <3 ::


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Next stop: Final 4th Year Exam

Salam & hi...

It's been a while after the last post, guest i been missin' out the post on some events (dinner, short case, etc) but that can be done later (if ever, hahaha)

Anyway, i just want to wish good luck to all my fellow friends & coursemate for the upcoming 4th year final exam! I know you guys can do it (esp. to those that have a study group) & i pray so that all of us will be given an excellent result & hope that we will be given calmness in this 2 weeks and during the exam itself!

oh, i also would like to apologize for any wrongdoings to everyone & if i ever have any debt to anyone that i may have forgotten, please remind me! :)

.:: flat out, haha... ::.

1 more thing, this is the link if you want to download the exam question for last semester exam (Sorry for being late though, i know i promised it around 1 month ago):

- click here -

and be reminded that we'll have a briefing about our exam on 29/1/09 (thursday) at 4.00 pm at the auditorium!


Friday, January 9, 2009

More announcement, especially about the dinner!! :)

Salam & hi...

How's everyone doing? Especially about the dinner preparation? Are you ready!!?? :)
Well, below here is the map to KDE Ampang for those that want to drive there:

.:: Map to KDE (click on the pic to get a better view) ::.

Another quick announcement:

1. For the dinner, bus will be prepared tomorrow (10/1/09) for those that don't have own transport and will be at 6pm. Please wait at the audi. About the table arrangement, we will open the counter for the table at 7pm tomorrow at KDE to be fair with everyone. Just sent a representative to book the table (make sure there are 10 ppl per table!)

2. Next week, we will have the last (hopefully) common lecture entitled "Deafness" by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Asma (ENT) at Auditorium at 4pm-5pm.

3. About the elective posting, it's confirmed that we will only be doing it for 2 weeks only. If possible, please submit the proposal to the Academic Office before study week!

I guess that's all the announcement from me for now!

:: I just want to say sorry coz i am unable to post up the exam question for last semester, i'll try to get it done a.s.a.p. Good luck to all students in Paeds for the upcoming observed longcase and shortcase. And also Good Luck to all students for the upcoming Final Exam, i hope all of us will go to 5th year together :) ::