Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Next stop: Final 4th Year Exam

Salam & hi...

It's been a while after the last post, guest i been missin' out the post on some events (dinner, short case, etc) but that can be done later (if ever, hahaha)

Anyway, i just want to wish good luck to all my fellow friends & coursemate for the upcoming 4th year final exam! I know you guys can do it (esp. to those that have a study group) & i pray so that all of us will be given an excellent result & hope that we will be given calmness in this 2 weeks and during the exam itself!

oh, i also would like to apologize for any wrongdoings to everyone & if i ever have any debt to anyone that i may have forgotten, please remind me! :)

.:: flat out, haha... ::.

1 more thing, this is the link if you want to download the exam question for last semester exam (Sorry for being late though, i know i promised it around 1 month ago):

- click here -

and be reminded that we'll have a briefing about our exam on 29/1/09 (thursday) at 4.00 pm at the auditorium!



naim_yaakob said...

that picture is cute shuk..hehe
cane la gayanye shuk menangkap gamba tu ye..

me too
sorry for any wrongdoing
nak lulus exam gak.
Go go A430!

mYshah said...

huuhu, shuk~ thanx sgt222 for the souvenir b4 ko balik tu~ amat berguna mlm td, kah333

hurm? pe knangan manis aku ngan motor yg ko taw? shuuuu...

ye sama2 kite memaafi, n gudluck for ur exam too (errr do u need it?haha kidding~) xpe2 gudluck juga,

mfk said...

arigato shuk~~

student yg cuak exam dh dekat said...

syuk.. tQ for the file..

nk tny.. xde ke common lec nye notes (soft copy)??

alialalala said...

gud luck
doakan anak2
anak2 mau ikut bapak bercuti
bapak selamat ye stdy