Saturday, December 27, 2008

A dark day indeed........

salam & hi.....

Today, will be a gloomy day (supposedly) for all UKM staffs and students...For those that don't know (and those that knew) we've lost our Canselor, Almarhum Tuanku Ja'far Ibni Almarhum Tuanku Abdul Rahman.

His highness passed away this morning at 11.45am at Hospital Tuanku Jaafar Seremban and was reported to be due to stroke (i believe it was intracerebral hemorrhage coz he complained of headache & without no obvious neurological deficit)..

Nevertheless, my condolences goes to the family of his highness and also to all people of Negeri Sembilan, the state will be mourning for 40 days if i'm not mistaken..



Thursday, December 25, 2008

Elective posting update!

salam & hi...

I just want to announce that the pending issues about the elective posting for the 4th year medic students were settled already (for those that forget, its about shortening of the duration & about the ssm groups), however due to some problem up there the results were still not given to me yet to be spread to the mass.

they promise that tomorrow (26/12) they'll give it to me or erida so, i'll keep all of you posted about it.

*26/12 update:
Looks like the results for the elective posting changes is still not ready yet,aiya.....

.:: just want to say good luck to all in finding the organisation for the elective posting! ::.

Quick announcement: *updated

1. No common lecture until friday 9th January 09 (last one!!), ok?

2. To those that want to join the batch dinner please give your name to the representatives for each posting (-paed: me myself, lala, faiz kamal - ortho: faiz kashap, hanani - triad: erida, joe ann - psych: shah, izni, nora). You have till 30/12/08 to pay rm55, ok?

3. I'll post last semester exam question by this weekend (i'll try, insyaAllah)

- XD -

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A really 'mathematical' poem

Salam & hi...

I just want to share with all of you this funny poem that i found as i was watching the movie, "Harold & Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay" (it's a nice movie but i wouldn't recommend it to sumone less than 18 y/o)..
It's a funny poem but the meaning of it is really deep (it's not that hard to understand)..
i guess this is what happened when you ask a mathematician to write a poem,haha..

+----- Square-root Three -----+

I fear that I will always be
A lonely number like root three

A three is all that's good and right
Why must my three keep out of sight?
Beneath a vicious square-root sign?
I wish instead I were a nine

For nine could thwart this evil trick
With just some quick arithmetic

I know I'll never see the sun
As 1.7321
Such is my reality
A sad irrationality

When, hark, just what is this I see
Another square-root of a three

Has quietly come waltzing by
Together we now multiply
To form a number we prefer
Rejoicing as an integer

We break free from our mortal bonds
And with a wave of magic wands
Our square-root signs become unglued
And love for me has been renewed


What do you think? Nice isn't it?
Now for some quick announcement:

1. I would like to say Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all muslims especially to my medic friends in UKM; Hopefully the sacrifices that we've made (and will make) so far as we tread down this medical road is accepted, InsyaAllah...

2. This friday (12/12/08) there will NOT be any common lecture! Next friday (19/12/08) however, there IS, the title, "Research on Human & Animal Subjects" by Dr. Noor Azimah Muhammad, 4.00 - 5.00 pm at auditorium.

3. Ayah kepada sahabat kita, Marlina baru sahaja meninggal dunia tengahari tadi. Mari kita sama2 sedekahkan Al-fatihah & doakan moga roh allayarham dicucuri rahmat & digolongkan dalam golongan orang2 yang soleh. Al-fatihah..

Well, that's all folks, the next update will be coming if i ever have any new announcement to make, thank you.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Taklimat Posting Elektif untuk Tahun 3 & 4

salam & hi...

Saya baru dapat info ni dari pejabat akademik. Esok, semua pelajar tahun 3 & 4 diwajibkan untuk hadir ke satu taklimat berkenaan posting elektif. Perinciannya adalah seperti berikut:

Tarikh: 4 Disember 2008
Hari: Khamis
Pukul: 4.00 - 5.00 ptg
*edited Tempat: DK 1


1. Introduction
2. Orthopaedic humanitarian mission - Prof Madya Dr. Sharaf Ibrahim
3. Taklimat oleh wakil MERCY Malaysia - Dr. Faizal Perdaus
4. Taklimat oleh wakil2 NGO Rehab - Dr. Amaramalar Selvi Naicker
5. Taklimat oleh wakil sahabat UKM
6. Sesi soal jawab

Butir lanjut boleh didapati drpd pejabat akademik. Tq.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A spectacular sky scene!

salam & hi...

just want to share with all of you a spectacular scene that i'd saw earlier this evening..
at first when i glanced upon the starless night sky just this evening i thought that it would be the same sky scene that i've been seeing all along but i was wrong...i was really really really speechless when i saw it, the only word uttered was 'subhanallah'...

.:: see see, it is a smiling face!! ::.

isn't it amazing?it is as if the whole space is smiling down on you and it is really refreshing to see it and it lifted up my mood tonight~~ and i'm glad that i shared it with 2 of my friends that i cared most ;)
scientifically, the 'eyes' are actually the 2 brightest planets in the solar system, Venus & Jupiter and the 'smile' is actually the crescent moon; you can read more about it at Yahoo News.
ultimately, it is really something only Allah s.w.t can do :)


Sunday, November 23, 2008

My 22nd Birthday (cont'd)

salam & hi....

this is the continuation from the previous post about my 22nd birthday~~
yesterday was a great day! i managed to celebrate my birthday with my parents and siblings!! they're in kL coz my father attended a conference here in Sunway.
so,it's just a simple celebration where we went for a lunch in Sunway & man, i'm full till nite yesterday, haha...

.:: with my mum, dad, little sister & little brother ::.

so, after the lunch my mum & dad ask me whether i want to go shopping or not for my birthday..being me, i said "okla," haha...

then we went to SenQ & i was just playing when i said i want an LCD tv but then my dad said...
"em, macam ok je tv nih..haaa, ambikla,"
& i was like, "........" (shocked)

so, there it was, my best birthday present so far from my parents, a 32-inch Samsung LCD tv! gosh, i am so going to play lots & lots of games after this....haha...thanks pops!

.:: the best birthday present ever!! ::.

well then, now i need to go eat, havent ate my dinner yet (fortunately, i am not on a "misi" like shah & lala, haha, sry guys, no hard feelings okeyh?)

oh,tomorrow will be the dawn of the paediatric, i kinda feel like the kids will be running away from me everytime i go & meet them, sigh~ (anyone want to be my ward partners for paeds??)

p/s: to everyone, remember that 2moro there'll be a meeting with Prof Norhayati (our deputy dean) at the auditorium at 5pm..she'll be telling us about our councellors, the coming UNPad students & about UKM accreditation...and after that, for the 4th years please wait for a while coz there'll be a briefing about our batch dinner by the Program Committee, tq :)


Friday, November 21, 2008

My 22nd Birthday

salam & hi....

after a long long long break, another post for another significant event in my life!
today i celebrate my 22nd birthday!!!
1 year older, 1 year closer to death (......)
but my wish for this year is that, i hope i can be a better person than last year, especially coz i'm closer to bearing a responsibility as a doctor (and a you-know-what,haha..)..i hope Allah gives me the strength to go on this road that i've chosen and i getAlign Center a good result for it...insyaAllah....

anyway, my birthday celebration this year kicks off in quite a way when 9 of my frens organized a small party for me at oldtown white coffee in sumwhere-near-UM yesterday (d funny thing is i haven't complete my case write up yet at that time, haha...)
and coincidentally, all of them wore white shirts with jeans & i'm the only one wearing a black shirt with jeans, haha...

.:: the organizing committee: lyn, ida, fazrul, ipah, roy, wonno, lala, wani, hajar ::.

.:: d birthday cake, cute little panda up there, haha... ::.

.:: hepi birthday to me! ::.

.:: lyn & idah, why u look so weird in this pic? haha... ::.

.:: tq for the cake! ::.

.:: d box... ::.

.:: tq again guys :) ::.

but actually for my birthday this year, i've got 1 of my present 1 week earlier!! and it left me smiling & happy for the rest 1 week till my real birthday~~~ thanks to ika for that! :)

.:: thanks ika! ::.

so,lets recap the present that i've got:

1. From Ika: a blue-silver tie with 3 piece of handkerchiefs, wore it already this morning~~~ (aiseh, forgot to take pic of me wearing it....)

.:: the earliest birthday present ever ::.

2. From Lyn, Hajar, Lala, Wani, Fazrul: A large box containing 1 shirt, 3 piece of handkerchiefs, 1 wallet, 1 pen, 1 belt, 3 pair of socks, 1 hair gel; first time getting a full set of things like this, tqtq!

3. From Ipah: A blue-striped tie, remind me to wear it though (haha)

.:: the large box from them, ipah's is the tie, fazrul's is the hairgel (1 question, who pick the color of the shirt?) ::.

4. From Roy: a boxset of SD Gundam figurines...nice one,been a long time since i have one!

.:: SD Gundam figurines (strike freedom VS destiny), nice one, i'll complete it a.s.a.p ::.

5. From Shah: a panda plushie, cute one...

.:: from shah, the second panda plushie that i've got, d first is last year from afu ::.

6. From Joe Ann & Mimi: a tin of Famos 'Amos cookies, yum!

.:: it fills the stomach!haha... ::.

well, that's all for now, next update will have to wait for other significant things in my life, dunno when, haha....

+--- currently waiting for tomorrow coz going to celebrate it with my parents!! can't wait! ---+

- XD -

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ramadhan & Syawal 2008

salam & hi...

looks like this year's Ramadhan is coming to a close in an hour time & opening the door for celebration in Aidilfitri...
I'm glad & grateful to Allah for giving me the nikmat of Ramadhan this year...
I'm also glad because i've completed my goals for this years Ramadhan, what is it?lets keep it a secret between me & god...
I'm also happy because i only miss sahur 1 time!
Right now, i'll just pray so that my puasa for the last 30 days were accepted, amin....

akhir kata:
"Ya Allah, makbulkanlah doa2 kami, lipat gandakan pahala apa jua amalan kami sepanjang Ramadhan ini & gembirakanlah hati kami di Aidilfitri ini..."

Ilal Liqa' ya Ramadhan...
Until next year, insyaAllah...

To my family, fellow friends and lecturers:

Until next time! Jyaa~~


p/s: i am thinking whether we shud do "jamuan raya bloggers", we pick a spot then do the jamuan there,we bring the kuih,maybe beli simple2 dishes,etc...this is just my suggestion,anyone interested?

post-AMSC Japan: Running around Tokyo

salam & hi...

finally the last update for the final day in Tokyo, Japan! For the final day, we decided to go on a walk around Japan (running occasionally,haha)...forgot to mention in the last update, after the trip to Disneyland, all of us were sent to different hotels to stay in for the night & i had the craziest dinner i ever had which comprises only of rice+nori (seaweed)+ice coffee...wut?!but i'm still grateful coz at least i found sumthing to eat...haih...

"my dinner......"

so back to the final day....we decided to go to:
  1. Imperial Palace in Ginza
  2. Asakusa
  3. Akihabara
  4. Roppongi
  5. Rainbow Bridge in Odaiba
Looks a lot? We spend about 12+ hours to go to all of it!! And it was fun!! Oh, we again divided into 3 groups, the same as last time at Disneyland, dunno why...maybe same minds think the same?haha... Sadly, there were no pictures taken in Asakusa (u can see the pics in my post for the 5th day), Akihabara and Roppongi this time...

+---------- Imperial Palace in Ginza ----------+

Only one word is fit to describe it: magnificient! The scenery was breathtaking, the lushful greens, the traditional architecture, etc... It's really worth it if you are a fan of ancient & historic places!! To get here is simple, it's just a 15 minutes walk from Tokyo station!

"looking at my distant future...yeah right, i was looking at the palace!haha..."

"behind me is one of the main palace side"

"picnic?where's d food?"

"one of the palace's gate!"

"nijubashi bridge!"

"beautiful isn't it?"

"another entrance to the palace"

"the statue of.... Kusunoki Masashige!"

+---------- Rainbow Bridge in Odaiba ----------+

After finishing up in Ginza, we went to Asakusa, then to Akihabara, next is Roppongi and the final stop for the day would be Odaiba! This is where the famous Rainbow Bridge is located...1st impression; It looks almost identical to Penang bridge from far but what's more is that it has two floors!the upper floor is for the cars & other vehicles to use, the lower floor is for the train tracks, nice! But it do looks nice at night, sadly we don't have much time here because we need to rush to catch the last train to narita..

"in the train, guess, is this pic candid or not?haha"

"ipah yg kelaparan; look at the paper bags!girls+shopping= unstoppable (in DoTA voice)"

"a beautiful & well-kept park (i bet it's hard to find one in Malaysia)"

"the Rainbow Bridge!!"

well, after that we rush off quickly to the train station, hoping to catch the last train to narita because we are staying in Tobu Narita Hotel for the night because it's close to Narita Airport...And boy i tell ya, it was tiring & funny a bit, haha...


well, that's the update for the final day in Tokyo, Japan..Overall, what i can say about Tokyo is that, it's really clean! In comparison to kL, it is like heaven and earth. The girls are also very kawaii~~ But i still love Malaysia (& Malaysians, hehe..)!! And Japanese people really have good manners, example:
  1. To cross the road, they'll wait until the light turn green no matter if the road is empty!!
  2. On escalators, they'll stick to the left side if they are not rushing off so the right side would be free to walk on if you are rushing!
  3. The cashier will always mentioned your total price of items, how much you pay and your balance no matter which shop you are in!
I guess that's all for my AMSC experience, got nothing more to add..I've also reached my goal of taking more than 1000 pics in Japan! Yay~
Until next time (if i ever go to Japan again, really hoping)!! Jyaa~~


post-AMSC Japan: Disneyland!!

salam & hi...

it's the 8th day in Japan and guess what, we went to Disneyland!! woohoo.....
but that's just it, no other place today, haha.... For me, this was my first time going to Disneyland and personally i think it was fun! Even tho we really feel hungry during the evening because we only stuff ourself with tea & fries in the afternoon but i think its okay la.... we were split into 3 groups; 1st:me,roy,ipah,hajar,zatil...2nd:fazrul,fariz...3rd:fattah,lala,meklin...of course the most havoc of 'em all would be my group,haha...The rides were cool, except for the ghost house which was not scary at all (maybe because we don't understand Japanese)... Enjoy the pics!!!

"when will we go in?"

"the entrance!!"

"it's their 25th anniversary so, behind me is the flower arrangement for it! kirei!!"

"the Disney orchestra!cool..."

"'Zatil' mouse?haha..."

"another one; 'Hajar' mouse,haha.."

"ipah nmpk pelik dlm gambar ini..."

"thanks to the akak attendant for taking the pic!"

"saje ambik kat signpost nih, x masok tgk pon,haha..."

"welcome to Critter Country!!"

"hajar with the white horse,eh,who's the knight?haha.."



"lala & meklin relieving their childhood time"

"the flowers are nice!"

"a vain attempt to mimic mickey,haih..."

"cinderella please don't run!"

"the crystal expert @ the crystal shop"

"a crystal palace, can i have one?"

"it's a small world!!"

"seronok korang ber3 ye"

"entrance to the ghost house,looks creepy but...."

"the ghost house; not creepy at all!"

"the mini-rollercoaster, thrilling!"

"behind me is the Tom Sawyer's boat"

+--------------- the Disney Characters!!! ---------------+

Other than the rides, we also met the Disney Characters!! Truely it's just people putting up costumes & make-ups to look like one but hey, it's nice! Almost every characters were there including Mickey but we don't take pic with mickey coz the queue was so so so long...

"cinderella! & the 2 bodyguards,haha..."

"captain Hook; please don't 'hook' me..."

",wait,u r not lying rite?"

"Jimmy Cricket!"

"Snow White; u shud be more careful when eating apples from strangers.."

"The dwarf....forgot the name la..."

"also forgot the name..."

"Bashful!! i think.."

"Rapunzel...rite? It's sleeping beauty la..."

"she's the heroine in Beauty & the Beast, forgot the name (the name is Belle)"

"Alice, Queen of Hearts & the rabbit"

"Goofy! on top of that thing"


"& Dale!"

"Donald Duck!"


"Uncle Scrooge; can i have some of your money?haha..."

*thanks to nani for the correction!!


well, that sums up my experience in Disneyland...truth be told, the pic above & my description won't be enough to actually describe it, u must experince it on your own!
oh yeah, i even thinking of going there again later (in years to come), anyone care to join?hehe...
update for the last day in Tokyo, Japan coming up next & i really need to post up things bout raya, haih....