Thursday, December 25, 2008

Elective posting update!

salam & hi...

I just want to announce that the pending issues about the elective posting for the 4th year medic students were settled already (for those that forget, its about shortening of the duration & about the ssm groups), however due to some problem up there the results were still not given to me yet to be spread to the mass.

they promise that tomorrow (26/12) they'll give it to me or erida so, i'll keep all of you posted about it.

*26/12 update:
Looks like the results for the elective posting changes is still not ready yet,aiya.....

.:: just want to say good luck to all in finding the organisation for the elective posting! ::.

Quick announcement: *updated

1. No common lecture until friday 9th January 09 (last one!!), ok?

2. To those that want to join the batch dinner please give your name to the representatives for each posting (-paed: me myself, lala, faiz kamal - ortho: faiz kashap, hanani - triad: erida, joe ann - psych: shah, izni, nora). You have till 30/12/08 to pay rm55, ok?

3. I'll post last semester exam question by this weekend (i'll try, insyaAllah)

- XD -


mYshah said...

gudluck sume yg nak ke elective... aku xdpt join, kesedeyhan disini :((

owh 30 dec ek, akan kucube mjadi ceti peminta duit yg berjjaya, lol

soklan pasyear? advance tq from me ^^

mfk said...

thanks shuk~~

Anonymous said...

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