Friday, November 21, 2008

My 22nd Birthday

salam & hi....

after a long long long break, another post for another significant event in my life!
today i celebrate my 22nd birthday!!!
1 year older, 1 year closer to death (......)
but my wish for this year is that, i hope i can be a better person than last year, especially coz i'm closer to bearing a responsibility as a doctor (and a you-know-what,haha..)..i hope Allah gives me the strength to go on this road that i've chosen and i getAlign Center a good result for it...insyaAllah....

anyway, my birthday celebration this year kicks off in quite a way when 9 of my frens organized a small party for me at oldtown white coffee in sumwhere-near-UM yesterday (d funny thing is i haven't complete my case write up yet at that time, haha...)
and coincidentally, all of them wore white shirts with jeans & i'm the only one wearing a black shirt with jeans, haha...

.:: the organizing committee: lyn, ida, fazrul, ipah, roy, wonno, lala, wani, hajar ::.

.:: d birthday cake, cute little panda up there, haha... ::.

.:: hepi birthday to me! ::.

.:: lyn & idah, why u look so weird in this pic? haha... ::.

.:: tq for the cake! ::.

.:: d box... ::.

.:: tq again guys :) ::.

but actually for my birthday this year, i've got 1 of my present 1 week earlier!! and it left me smiling & happy for the rest 1 week till my real birthday~~~ thanks to ika for that! :)

.:: thanks ika! ::.

so,lets recap the present that i've got:

1. From Ika: a blue-silver tie with 3 piece of handkerchiefs, wore it already this morning~~~ (aiseh, forgot to take pic of me wearing it....)

.:: the earliest birthday present ever ::.

2. From Lyn, Hajar, Lala, Wani, Fazrul: A large box containing 1 shirt, 3 piece of handkerchiefs, 1 wallet, 1 pen, 1 belt, 3 pair of socks, 1 hair gel; first time getting a full set of things like this, tqtq!

3. From Ipah: A blue-striped tie, remind me to wear it though (haha)

.:: the large box from them, ipah's is the tie, fazrul's is the hairgel (1 question, who pick the color of the shirt?) ::.

4. From Roy: a boxset of SD Gundam figurines...nice one,been a long time since i have one!

.:: SD Gundam figurines (strike freedom VS destiny), nice one, i'll complete it a.s.a.p ::.

5. From Shah: a panda plushie, cute one...

.:: from shah, the second panda plushie that i've got, d first is last year from afu ::.

6. From Joe Ann & Mimi: a tin of Famos 'Amos cookies, yum!

.:: it fills the stomach!haha... ::.

well, that's all for now, next update will have to wait for other significant things in my life, dunno when, haha....

+--- currently waiting for tomorrow coz going to celebrate it with my parents!! can't wait! ---+

- XD -


iRma IzZaTi said...

Happy birthday again syuk!!

FaNa said...

gosh...ak lupa wish besday ko..ampun shuk..smlm ak blk umah dlm bus bout 6 hours..lupa giler nk wish.. i m really2 sorry..

hadiah nanti ya shuk.. sorry again

mYshah said...

uhuk! uhuk!

amboi terbatuk2 aku ngan sawang2 yg ade kat blog nih, lame sgt tertinggal..

nway happy besday shuk :D sowy la bg patung panda je, heehe, tp mcm biase la aku, xde modal len sgt, huuhu :D

alialalala said...

nape ade commnt kok didelete ni pak?
sape yg pick ko nye colour bj?
budak yg keje kat polo tu

lama x denga khabar beritaan pak dlm neh
asal pakai bj awal sgt
next week kena pakai kemeja br g klas
mau tgk
anak2 request

mfk said...

welcome back shuk...
stlh lama x update,
happy birthdaY again...
wah seronok nyer dpt hadiah byk2...
betapa ramai nyer org yg 'sayang' kat ko..

XD said...

to irm: thanks!

to fana: xpe, aku x kisah pon :)

to shah: aiseh,truk batuk kau tu shah,baek gi cek,haha...but thanks!

to lala: ok,insyaAllah aku cube pakai utk first day paeds,juz wait & see~~~

to mfk: ye,dh dekat 2 bulan x update,haha..tq faiz..kasih syg itu penting di antara manusia nih,haha...