Saturday, January 24, 2009


salam & hi...

how's your study week going along? i hope its fine! :)
Over here is a news that i hope will boost your morale in going into the exam!
last thursday, I & erida were honored with the chance to discuss about our 5th year curriculum with Prof. Nabishah at her office. It was a fruitful discussion and here, i would like to update all of you about it.. be reminded that this is still NOT YET CONFIRMED 100% because it haven't been approved by the senate yet.

1. Our holiday at the end of this 4th year will start on 14/2/09 and will end on 12/4/09. And it will be our last long holiday coz in 5th year, we'll only have 1 week for Aidilfitri and 1 week for CNY. Make sure you finish your elective posting by 12/4/09!

2. We'll start with SSM for 7 weeks followed by PPD Camp 3 for 1 week. Nice arrangement, give us a little break in between!

3. Then, from 8/6/09 till 19/2/10 we'll be divided into 5 groups and will be undergoing these postings:
  • Family Medicine (5 weeks) + Emergency Medicine (2 weeks)
  • Internal Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Paediatric
  • O&G
For all of these postings, the 5 group will have a short stint in either Slim River Hospital, *correction Teluk Intan Hospital, GHKL or Klinik Kesihatan Bt. 9 Hulu Langat.

4. *(Important!!!) For forensics, we are given until 24/7/10 to complete 10 observations, perform 2 and write 2 reports of postmortem cases. It's the continuation of what we are doing now!

5. We'll have 4 weeks of study leave (22/2/10 - 19/3/10) before heading into the Pro Exam on 22/3/10 - 2/4/10!

Well, i guess that's the news and again i remind that it is NOT confirmed yet. I hope it raise your spirit to go into the exam!!

.:: there's 2 abnormalities in this X-ray,can you find it? ::.

Another note, there'll be a solar eclipse this monday (26/1/09) from 2pm - 6pm (you can read about it here). For the muslims, lets do the solat sunat!!! Enjoy!

:: good luck for the exam!!! <3 ::



wanirani said...


good luck exam!!!

doakan anak2mu jua ye~~

NeeS said...

owh, begituh rupenyer...
igtkn cuti smpai bulan 5..
by da way, hosp tluk intan xde dlm senarai ker?

XD said...

wani: good luck utk kau jgk,marilah kte same2 doakn sumer org,insyaAllah...

nisa': aiseh,xkn la lame sgt cuti smpi bulan 5....mmg teluk intan pon,tersilap tulis,dh correct dh,thanks for noticing it! good luck 4 d exam!

bajat said...

bony spur and loss of vertebral height at the L4..OA of the spine ker shuk?

p/s: cuak giler, nak interprate pun payah..adoyai

student said...

mcm mane pula dgn yg kene reseat,
jadual tak keluar lg ye?

nnt inform cpt2 ye.. tQ