Monday, September 29, 2008

AMSC Japan: d 7th day, d end & d enjoyment

salam & hi...

finally we come to the 7th a.k.a the last day of AMSC (but not the last day in Japan!)...its been fun for the past 7 days but i guess everything have its end rite? Even tho the real thing has end but the memories will be etched in our mind & heart forever!! (unless if you got dementia or amnesia then you'll forgot it la,haha....joudan dayo!)

+--------------- The closing ceremony ---------------+

Actually the final day starts withthe closing ceremony thought that it's kinda weird because we still have a few activities to be done later but who am I to question it rite? Besides, they've done a superb job in organising it, kudos to all the organizing committee for all your hardwork!! One thing worth highlighting here is that, Malaysia was crowned no. 3 for the paper presentation!! Congratz to roy, ipah & lin for doing a great job, looks like your hardwork pay off!! But they made a mistake when announcing it, they accidentally swapped it with the poster, so, ipah was dissapointed coz she's not able to go up to the stage and received the award, kesian ipah.... (_ _)

"the tearful miss Waka Shibata, the chairperson of this time AMSC"

"hope the bonds that we've created will stand the test of time!"

"the winners for the paper & poster competition! congratz m'sia for getting no. 3!"

"roy: kesian ipah x dpt naek pentas ambik hadiah utk paper tadi...
yg laen: btul2, kesian....."

"bye shasha! looks like we won't be seeing you in the party later!"

+--------------- The evening workshop ---------------+

So, in the evening we still have our workshop (and later the closing dinner!). I chosed the tea & also the board game workshop. The first up would be the tea ceremony workshop ("sadou" in nihon)'s really cool & full of art but the real tea taste so bitter but i still can bear it, besides the girl that was serving it was just super cute~~~ (*-*) hahaha.....
Next is the board game workshop where they teach us about the traditional board game of Japan. It was fun and because i've already know a bit about go, i decided to challenge my GM to a game of go, i almost won but later loss it (54 - 55), haih....

"the entrance to the tea place"

"the girl, cute isn't she......"

"the real tea, see how green & thick it is..."


"having fun challenging ourself"

"taka in distress; sayaka, you r suppose to be supporting him not sleeping!"

"territorial count: 62-55, plus the beads that was taken by opponent: 54-55"

+--------------- The last night ---------------+

In the night, first up would be the closing dinner/party...the clothing theme was traditional so the m'sians put on our baju melayu (except for a few that didn't want to follow it) and enjoy the night! The foods were nice (and its Halal!), the performances were good (the performance from Taiwan was very....umm....kinky) and we got to exchange souvenirs!! That's the best part of it!haha...but the not so fun part is the PA system is very very faulty, so the performances sometimes look like crap... ('~')

"the Malaysians; hajar is a bit uncomfortable here,haha..."

"look at all the foods!; Lala, klau lapar pon sabar ye..."

"our souvenirs for Sayaka!"

"for Taka also got!"

"u guys must've watched TV too much..."

"the AMSA song relay"

"the performance from Japan, there are 3 actually from them"

later on, after the dinner was over, my group decided to have some more fun as this will be the last night that we'll be together so we went to a Karaoke place in hope of singing our hearts out...but i just stayed there until 2+ am and decided to go back to NYC earlier than the others coz i started to feel uncomfortable midway, besides Subuh prayers is at 3am...

"with Aizat, fellow kmph back in year 2005, it's a small world they say"

"ni-jyu-san rocks!!"

"shibuya during nighttime!"

"the two Arashi fans"

"go Laura!"

"da bomb that night,haha..."

"we have fun!!"


So, that marks the end of AMSC but more still will come as we have 2 days full to enjoy ourself in Japan!haha....
Later! Jyaa~~~