Wednesday, July 9, 2008

madness??naah...this is wat i called happiness X)

salam & hi...

time 4 d next entry after a long break...been busy putting entry into my online diary so, forgot to post here in the blog, sorry shah, sorry for not being able to post about ur cousin's marriage...
so, madness?untuk weekend yg lepas seperti aku ader membuat beberapa siri kegilaan dlm spending & going out. so this is how it goes:

madness1: friday nite, zapin+'wanted'

mase friday ari tu ialah latihan & rehersal for zapin yg nk dipersembahkn di amsc japan..seriously i think i need to practice more, still forgetting the steps sumtimes & i want it to be good so that i won't be bringing down the image of ukm & malaysia..but at least that day when we perform it in front of azril (d president of ump's traditional club), he said that it was ok..funny thing that night was, almost all except hui fang were wearing kain pelikat/batik as sampin, the hardest part was to keep it tied and to not let it fall during the tarian..haha..

*d zapin-ers, i think i looked funny there, haha.. F7*

then, about 11.30pm, lala said that she & a few others are going out for a movie so i decided to tag along..they decided to watch the movie 'wanted', seriously i've already watched it so this would be my 2nd time seeing it but i think it's worth it becoz i really want to hear the music & also see all the bullet all of us rushed to midvalley coz the show will start around 12.15am so arriving there, i was like "wut??!!", the queue was so looong but fortunately we managed to watch it and i enjoyed every minute of it..


madness2: saturday, 'hancock', new LAN cable, 2 new shirt & eat sumthing expensive >.

in saturday i dun have a lot to do so i decided to went for a movie again and this time it was "hancock"...a nice movie with a twisted ending...i went to watch it at times square and man i was shocked, the queue was so so long (again F7), when i was close to the counter then suddenly an announcement was made...
"to all patrons, please take note, due to some server breakdown, at this counter we only have ticquets for d movie 'hancock' 1.30pm"..and the time at that time was 1.20pm!fortunately i managed to secure a ticquet,haha...


then, i decided to go to lowyat because i need to buy a new LAN cable because d old cable was starting to spew out some problem,aiya...fortunately it does not cost so much, huh....

then, suddenly i got the feeling that there would be a cheap price for shirts in Jusco so, i went on to Jusco Maluri and i was right!!the price for one shirt the cheapest was rm29.00!!so i ended up buying 2 of ' was blue, another one was green...yeah!

then later that night, i join shah & hakim for dinner...1stly, we thought of going to KFC but then we change it to going sumwhere else and it was the restaurant in front of hajris, i can't really remember d name, more of it can be found in shah's blog here....but seriously the price was off-d-hook!man...

*d expensive fud!!yet so little, seb baek rase dier leh tahan...*

madness3: sunday, being an enumerator & eating a lot :)

well, on Sunday i thought of resting & chill out in my room playing games but....then i remebered that i've to go to SJMC to help the doctors from UKM & a few other medical faculty to do a study on "Men's Health"....nice one, i became an enumerator, 1st time!!yeah!

i went there with roy, lin, ipah, ida & hajar...and all are asked to wear a white colored shirt, so all of us ended up looking like the salesperson from a shopping complex or sumthing, lol F2

*the enumerators in white!lol*

*nice aquarium...can see the fish or not?*

then, all of us decided to go to Sunway Pyramid to have our lunch but seriously the girls have other 'hidden agenda'....we ended up spending most of the time waiting for the girls coz they were shopping all over, haha...

fortunately after that we went to Carl's Jr. to have our lunch..yeah!!i ordered a double beef cheeseburger with chilli, nice & a lot too...haha....eating spree~~ (say it DoTA style ok?)

*roy yg tgh cube menghabiskan fries with beef the background, hajar & ipah tgh speechless dlm usaha utk menghabiskan double chicken swiss burger (i think i got the name right...)*

*berebut plak dh.....*

*walao,seriusnyer lin...relek ar....ida yg kegembiraan dgn saladnyer*

*sume ke-happy-an kerna sdah dapat fud masing2, mine is d one in the front...roy,terkejut ke?*

after dh kenyang2 tu, jln2 & shopping lagi...i managed to buy 'Gempak' & a Brylcreem gel finally...haha...then, all of them said they wanted to go eat 'prata wrap', i followed suit...they are really voracious eaters aren't they?haha...but i also joined in and buy a prata

*makan lg...huish....*

*pic of d day!!(sry ida) kes kelaparan xtreme nih...*

+----- The breakdown -----+

so the total spending in RM during the 'madness' period were as follow:

1. Wanted movie ticquet: RM 11

2. Hancock movie ticquet: RM 9

3. New LAN cable: RM 15

4. The fud in saturday: RM 9 (day, popcorn+ice lemon tea) + RM 16 (night)

5. New shirt: RM 58

6. Food in Sunday: RM 25 (Carl's Jr) + RM 6 (prata wrap)

So TOTAL = RM 149!

But, i think it's worth it coz i managed to spend some quality time with my dear friends amidst being down at that time with flu+mild fever, tq guys!! >.<


*i'll put up d review for wanted & hancock later ok?*