Wednesday, July 16, 2008

sympathetic system in overdrive mode!!

salam & hi...

today was really a fun day, full of shocking things & surprises (d one that get you in the fight-or-flight mode, haha) but the best part of it was in the morning, tq to psych dept for it :P

1. teaching with dr nik ruzyanei

in the morning while i was still sleeping (man, i woke up late today, around 9.ooam, damn....), suddenly i got a call from puan nurul of psych dept. saying this:

puan nurul: hello, shukri?
aku: ye?
puan nurul: skarang ader klas ngan dr nik eh
aku:.........huh?!klas?!katne? (dalam hati; bukan dr nik ader clinic ke ari ni...)
puan nurul: iye, kat bilik perpustakaan dept., britau kawan2 laen ye
aku:............ F5
puan nurul: faham ke x nih?
aku: oh ye ye, faham, tq kak.... F7

then, i was frantically msg-ing all my group members who 2 of them i think still sleeping (after coming to class they told me ler) but names are kept secret here, that time, my sympathetic system went into overdrive mode and start to get a stomach-ache...
but thankfully all of us managed to join in (except 1 person who was late) and the teaching went well with the 5th year presenting 2 cases and all 4th yr have the job of answering all the basic questions, tq dr nik!! F2 :)
she's really2 nice & i think she'll make this psych posting a really wonderful experience for me even though i am not really incline to liking psychiatry, hehe... later i'll put up her picture with all my other groupmate in psych

2. zapin at bangi

then in the evening a total of 9 of us (me, fazrul, roy, yew lok, lala, ipah, lin, zatil, hajar) went to bangi to perform our zapin to the artisukma rep., kak lin...
it was nice but the unsuspected thing was, we have to perform in front of 10+ artisukma dancers..all of us then was like, "wut?!" F6, but then the performance went unscatched and we managed to get the clearance for the costume, yeah!!! :)
to lala:hm, i think we'll get the chance later for the shot, lepas nih aim betul2!!

*in front of panggung seni (once again i'm d photographer,lol)*

*the costume; seriously, pink there is like not in tune with blue*

*rumah sape lak nih...ske ati korang la...*

3. on the way to CM...

after that, i went to CM with lala & zatil for the sake of buying souvenirs for our group members in AMSC later (man, i hope you guys also prepare a nice souvenir for me too, haha)...
but then on the way there, one of the road which is Jalan Hang Tuah was closed!i believed it was due to some riot (not riot per se, more of like people gathering up) pertaining to Anwar Ibrahim being cought or something (hey, come on...don't gather up for something as stupid as that, it's not like he was beaten up or whatever, noobs)...huish org malaysia nih....

then we end up have to do a turn sumwhere and still managed to get to CM and the total spending there was only a mere below rm50 but the souvenirs was good i think, yeah!!cool~~
then we went to petaling street, hoping of getting some accessories for the zapin costume but in the end, it was in vain...huh...

*@ petaling street, in vain attempt of searching accessories for the zapin costume*


*to those that i've made mistake too in the past few days, i'm sorry ok?it was unprecedented*


alialalala said...

wah2 bapak gle smngat ko arini update blog..
uisy laju gle...
ingatkan da penat sgt...
ayok aku br blk kul 120am dr hospital tggu dorg siap2 smua tu...
ala...gmbr aku yg itu tutup mata n x ready..hoho..
gmbr PS minyak gle muka...wek2...x lawa...fine! (lama x dngr korg sbut pekataan ni)

btw pak x pe nnt kte 'usaha' aim btul2..hoho

mYshah said...

hoho~ (bley ke bg komen tu je?)

MiLuViA said...

PINK is so OKAY with the blue yerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

sy suke dpan rumah yg encik haikal buat itu.

XD said...

to lala: smlm ader mase free tp kn last2 keje smm aku x siap, haha....sry dr nurismah....
biorlah x lawa pon gmbr tu, bru natural sket, hahaha, FINE~

to shah:.....hoho?

to miluvia: x kisah ler, pink x tune ngn blue tu, lalala~~~
ye, tq en haikal, haha