Friday, July 25, 2008

AMSC Japan: d flight, d 1st day and d exhaustion...

salam & hi...

Finally, an update from Japan!!! this will be d 1st update & i'll try to update it every night if i got the will & strength to do so, thanks to the free internet usage in the National Youth Center, Tokyo (the conference accommodation)...

there were too many pictures, about more than 70 pictures just for the 1st day!! so, i'll just put up the most relevan (and funnier) ones, haha...

+----- d flight -----+

our flight were scheduled on thursday 11.30pm and we were onboard MH88, a MAS airline plane..d flight was cool & very nice, especially d food, hehe...however, early into the flight there was a bad weather condition causing the plane to sometimes shake a bit but Alhamdulillah everything went well after took 7 1/2 hours to reach japan and we reached Japan at about 7.30am in the morning & the first thing that came up to my mind was, "this place is hot!", even though the temperature is about the same as in Malaysia, in Japan the condition is hot & dry!!

* b4 getting on the bus *

* on the bus, haha... *

* AMSC delegates from Malaysia!! @ KLIA *

* with roy, fazrul & fattah (from UPM) inside teh aerotrain *

* in d plane, d 3 person that sat beside me; lin, lala & zatil *

* d food on d place, nice~~ *

* finally!!! at Narita Airport, Tokyo!!! *

+----- d 1st day -----+

it was very very very tiring, that's all that i can conclude for the 1st day, haha...but it was fun although initially when we arrive at Narita no one from the organizing commitee was there to greet us, we ended up had to wait for nearly an hour!
then we were taken to the National Youth Center, Tokyo (d accommodation place for d conference) by bus and this give us time to appreciate Tokyo..d thing that i can say bout it is: it is so damn clean!! you can hardly find a rubbish!! and the people have better road manners!! however, funny things are, almost all working people are wearing a white shirt with black pants, no one was wearing other dark colored shirt and there were people jogging in the middle of the day, talk about being bizarre, haha....

d room in the NYC was ok, it was a single room, a bit small & tight but hey, we are going to stay here for at most 8 days only so it'll be okay in my opinion..
we 1st register ourself and ended up have to pay 19000 yen!! fortunately i changed some money before going to Japan, huh...
then there was a group ice-breaking session, my group was (and will be) group 23 with two nice GMs (group master, not guild master or whatsoever ok?), sayaka-san (she's cute, hehe) & taka-san (he's nice)...
my group comprise of 16 people and were from Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Australia and even UK! all were nice & very cooperative!
after the ice-breaking session we had a game called "sugoroku" and this involved throwing a dice and going to checkpoints to do a task to get marks, at the end of the day, winners were chosen, however, my team lose...but never mind, it's d fun that was worth it rite?
in the night, we have our 'welcoming party' but it's more of an informal dinner..d foods were nice and d best part of it was, almost everything were halal to be eaten!! looks like the OC really took good concern towards the Muslim delegates, thank you guys!!
then we had a meeting & practice session for the cultural performance. For the cultural night, UMS would perform 'sumazau', UM with 'inang' and UKM with 'zapin'...i think it's progressing well..
problems were not many, even about the solat we managed to get the time & qiblat for it..only the bath is the problem, it is set to be public bath style!! a new experience for me!! haha...

* this was my lunch, sad isn't it, haha... *

* group 23!! *

* taka-san, martin (from UK) and sayaka-san *

* tom (korea), cedric (korea), shasha (hongkong) & laura (taiwan) *

* d dinner, there was a lot more food at the center table *

* pic of d day: fazrul tgh kelaparan, haha.. (sori fazrul) *

* with laura, martin & king *

* with hideaki *

* d welcoming party~~ *

* d song relay practice by UKM delegates *

* sumazau by UMS *

so, that's all folk, i'm exhausted so it's time for me to rest, tomorrow will be a busy day, just wait for the nest update okay...
and pray for our safety throughout okay??



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