Sunday, July 27, 2008

AMSC Japan: d 2nd day, d happiness & d dissapointment

salam & hi...

like i promise, this is d update on the 2nd day of AMSC..however, currently i'm not feeling too good so, maybe the entry is going to look like crap..i've put up more pictures this time around,let it tell the stories, enjoy!

+----- the 2nd day -----+

the day starts off great, woke up around 7am like that (sleep after subuh, around 3am)...then it's d breakfast (it cost rm14+!! fortunately it's covered inside the fees), taste nice, especially the smoked mackerel!i forgot to take d picture tho....haha...

then, it's d opening ceremony & d keynote was dry, i slept >50% of d time, d topic was "health & civilization" by Dr. Shigeru least i remember the title at d very least, lol....
the SGD come up next, it was fun especially when we discussed bout the foods in our country of origin...the 2nd part of d SGD was like a mini-PBL session where we were given a case of metabolic syndrome, good case!! then, the GMs told us that for the upcoming field trip, we'll be going to "Yokohoma Sports Medical Centre", all of us in group 23 was ecstatic bout it, yeah!!!

in d evening, is d opening reception a.k.a our dinner with a performance of traditional music from Japan (cool~~) was done at the 45th floor of the "Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building" and the view from there were superb; Tokyo during night time=priceless....i also had a good time here, made some new friends and manage to take a few pictures with my GM, my groupmate and especially with lala, ipah, zatil, roy & lin, huahua...

at the end of the night, sumthing happened that caused me to be truly pissed off & have a bit of setback..basically, in the end i ended up exploring shinjuku all by myself , not that i mind about going out alone (i like to go out alone) but there is another aspect of this story that i am dissapointed with...basically, THANK YOU guys for actually giving me this wonderful realisation of everything, that's all that i can say...noobs! X(

* zatil yg sdg x sehat...moga2 kau cpt sihat ye.. *

* with lin, lala, roy b4 d keynote lecture, d pattern of their shirt were similar, only me was different, haha... *

* all d RC (regional chairperson) of AMSA international, dunno if u guys can actually see their face or not *

* d keynote lecture, it induced sleepyness i think coz majority of the delegates were sleeping, lol *

* d lunch, smoked mackerel with rice & condiments, it tasted great! *

* new addition to group 23: Ploy from Thailand. *

* d discussion, "come on wait, what the heck is this thing??" *

* on top of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building *

* d foods for dinner, sadly, most of it were not halal.... *

* apsal la ipah nih...smpi terbaring camtu skali men-setting camera tu.. *

* d traditional musical equipment from Japan, quite cool actually! *

* group photo~~~ *

* with my GM, miss sayaka sugiosa *

* the train in Tokyo, it's on time!! *

* me out alone in shinjuku, it was fun tho coz i have to try to speak japanese when asking for direction but of course it turns out to be funny, haha.... *

so basically, this is the end of 2nd day, d conclusion: it's a day that starts with joy but ends with a harsh but true realisation of sumthing...
that's all that i can say, not feeling so good & tired some more...
see you tomorrow~~~ jya~~~



Salsabila said...

apekah perkara yg membuatkan anda sgt disappoint tu?
story la sikit...

enjoy your trip there
pesan kt sumer org tolog gigam lebih sikit!