Monday, July 28, 2008

AMSC Japan: d 3rd day, d food & d super-happy feeling

salam & hi....

this is the entry for the third day and for me, today was oen of the best day from the 3 days in AMSC coz it starts nicely and ends with a blast!yeah!! i've put up more pictures for this entry and for record, i've taken a total of 294 pictures so far (still far from the 1000 pics that i aim for...) enjoy!!

+----- d 3rd day -----+

today we would have to travel by bus to Tokyo University to attend the paper presentation session & we went there quite early so, d breakfast was given inside the bus...on the way there, i'd saw so many things & good buildings but 1 thing that caught my attention was a car that looks like a Kancil, yea seriously!! d pic is down there...Tokyo university was quite a nice place and it looks very old & classic!

* d breakfast; a riceball (two actually, my GM said that it's halal & even translate for me the ingredients) & green tea *

* suara hati 1: "eh, is that a Kancil??!!" *
* suara hati 2: "no la, it's a mitsubishi..." *

* in front of d gate of Tokyo University *

* Tokyo University main hall *

* a nice shot with Laura, hehe...lalala~~~ *

* with Fazrul inside d hall, putihnyer *

* a few of d Malaysian delegates *

d paper presentation involved 15 countries and Malaysia's turn was number 2nd and guess who the presenter was? it was Roy!! (with a few others of course, namely Su Yan & Sze Wern) they done a good job of representing Malaysia..and actually when Malaysia was called to present all of us shout "Malaysia BOLEH!!", in view of the spirit of Malaysians!!!

* yeah, go Roy!! *

* me presenting? na'ah, never~ *

* my lunch...i'm speechless *

* finally Fariz came!! before this he was down with Dengue *

* group photo session~~~ *

* grup member yg leh ckp Melayu: "eee, poyo nyer shuk!" *
* aku: "ske ati aku la nk ambik gmbr camne pon~~" *

after d paper presentation, we were supposed to go for sightseeing around Tokyo but because it was getting late (6.10pm) and the weather was not so pleasant (raining), we just ended up eating our dinner and then was given free time until night, before the country meeting a.k.a Zapin practice...

* finally.....d dinner but finish de, it's chicken with curry (halal ok...) *

finishing d dinner, suddenly i got a msg from Zatil asking all of us whether we want to go out or not so after dinner i'd decided to go to her room (i joined Fazrul and Hajar in going there) for some planning session of where to go & what to buy...
so then we planned to go to Shinjuku to do some survey for all the electronics and maybe buy a few (actually we did, haha...)...out of the 4, only me & zatil actually went there coz Hajar & Fazrul said they don't want to buy anything....
so, at Shinjuku we used the map and searched for a shop called "Sudobashi Camera" that sells various electronics including cameras, home appliances, PC and game consoles...we actually took 20+ minutes to get there, i tried asking for direction from a Japanese lady & used a bit of Japanese that i knew & d funny thing was seh replied fully in Japanese & i was dumbfounded, haha....
i surveyed the price of PSP there & actually want to buy it is DVD region 2 locked so it can only play UMD from Japan so i cancel the intention...then i surveyed the price of Nintendo Wii, it was quite nice but the menu is in i buy it?what do you think?
then Zatil's attention was caught by a Mickey Mouse-shaped mp3 and she bought it after a careful consideration....
we then move on to the camera department in hope of buying a camera that Cash asked zatil to buy & lastly we bought him a Sony Cybershot T-70 camera...But it took 1 hour for Cash to actually made up his mind (zatil msg him over & over again) and that caused us to be late for the Zapin practice, so to cash, here's some announcement from me & zatil:

"selagi ktorg x ambik 500 gmbr, ktorg x akan kasi kamera ni kat kau!"

* planning meeting in Zatil's room *

* sudobashi camera!!!man, i've been searching all over! *

* 1st confusion; "waaa, PSP!! shud i buy it???? its 19800 yen... hm....." *

* 2nd confusion; "whaaaat??!! Wii so cheap aaaaa?! only 25000 yen..." *

* zatil ngn Mp3 bentuk Mickey Mouse dier...nice mp3! *

* aku & zatil yg tgh kekonpiusan ngn karenah cash yg cam x phm ngn sumer sms yg dihantar *

so, in the end, both of us were late for the Zapin training and it's basically over when we arrived there so, evryone seems like very mad to both of us so, sorry guys!! honto-ni gomennasai!!

d conclusion: you guys pickup anything that caused me to be in a "super-happy feeling"? i'm not going to disclose it just yet~~~ guess ok? haha....
see you guys tomorrow for the next update on the 4th day!!



mYshah said...

hahaha... wut ever la shuk.. smga ko trus berbahagia dismping org tercinta... hu~

wes awat ko nampak kurus a? kuwanjar2 aku sgt x puas ati..

mfk said...

shuk...wah best nyer..
murah2 eh brg elektronik kat sane?
best bace kisah 2 org2 di perantauan ni...
semoga super-happy feeling tu kekal or jadi super duper happy feeling plak...
ok sayonara...

Salsabila said...

owh, itukah tokyo uni? besarnye gate dia!!!

msti sgt megah n bangga bila malaysia diperkenalkan, betul x?

bagus la dh happy...