Saturday, March 28, 2009

Updates & Announcements!

Salam & hi...

How's your holiday going on guys (and girls)?
First of all, i just want to say congratulation to Dina (and Farhan) for a wedding reception well-done (on 21st March 09), i pray so that both of you will be happy till the end (and hope you get the first baby in our batch,haha). I wonder who will end their bachelor days

.:: The happy couple! ::.

.:: Post-wedding activities; Ikan bakar time! ::.

Going on the announcement:

1. On 11 - 12 April 09, there'll be a thyroid surgery symposium jointly organized by Surgical Dept. PPUKM and Asian Association of Endocrine Surgeon. You can find more detail in the buletin that i posted in Friendster and in my note that i posted in Facebook.

2. To all reseaters, good luck for your exam! All of us will always pray for your success so that we can graduate at the same time.

3. We will officially start our 5th year on 13th April 09. Suppossedly there will be the usual meeting with the dean that morning at 8am but still no news bout that..I'll keep you posted nevertheless.

4. Please photostat your result slip and pass it to me or Erida or Zairi as soon as possible. I'll be in KTDI starting from 6th April 09 (InsyaAllah). We want to settle about the JPA scholarship quickly.

5. As all of you had known, at the end of our 7 weeks of SSM, we will have a Seminar where we have to present our findings and all. A few days ago, Prof. Ruszymah called me and actually want us to organize it ourself (they will help in term of the money, so no need to worry there). So for those that is interested to be inside the organizing committee, please tell me.

I guess that's all the announcement. Enjoy your holiday! (and to those doing SSM, good luck)



mYshah said...

salam, sowy la x tinggalkan komen pon kat 4 entry b4 this.sebab da dgr personally the story from u aritu kan? heehe

nway thanx for the wish, doakan kami.same2kite grad, amin.