Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Elective posting Part 3: 2nd Stop - Kuala Terengganu

Salam & hi...

Continuing from the previous post, Kuala Terengganu was our 2nd stop in our trip (this post will be full with pictures so,enjoy!). We stayed here at K.T. Traveller's Inn for rm79 per night for 2 nights. It was fun but very tiresome and we got burned more! We also did some shopping at Pasar Payang (this is the place where you can buy lots of different souvenirs including keropok if you want but i bought my keropok somewhere else). And sorry, no souvenirs for anyone this time, kinda on a tight budget here.

Before we actually arrived at KT, we stopped for a bit at Marang and have a quick bite (of air kelapa, keropok lekor & sotong goreng tepung) because one of us had been complaining about being hungry (and it wasn't me!).

.:: pretty.... ::.

The first place we visited upon our arrival was Masjid Tengku Tengah Zaharah a.k.a Masjid Terapung (Floating Mosque) and this is my 2nd time to the mosque (the first one was during the opkim organized by JAKSA KTSN). It still is beautiful and still floating,haha...And, during our visit, there seems to be an ongoing Akad Nikah ceremony.

.:: Masjid Terapung ::.

Then we make our way to our hotel and take a break and that night we went to the Karnival Sua Rasa TV9 which was ongoing at that time at Dataran Shahbandar (our hotel is just a 5 minutes walk from the dataran). There's lots of people exhibiting their products, opening food stalls and one exhibition that caught my attention was the exhibition about kain Songket. It's because there's a real-life demonstration of Songket making! That makcik sure is skillful and patient because according to her, 1 songket will took about 3 weeks to be done (what?!no wonder it's expensive)

.:: Beautiful light arrangement,nice.. ::.

.:: See how skillful the makcik is,you couldn't even see her hands! ::.

The next day, we decided to take a walk to Pasar Payang because it's also very close (15 minutes walk) but on the way there, we stop by at Bukit Puteri. It was okay and it's actually an old fort for the royalties and people if Terengganu was attack (kinda like A'Famosa in Melaka if you would like to imagine it). And we saw a shop with a very familiar name,hm....

.:: lala,dh bukak kedai berlian pon x bagitau,ish2... (haha) ::.

.:: the fort ::.

.:: aaaa sir, we got company ::.

.:: cannons are ready ::.

.:: that's the lighthouse ::.

.:: the throne ::.

.:: let's rest for awhile ::.

.:: album cover ::.

Then off to Pasir Payang and I didn't buy much,only a couple of T-shirts for myself. The one who shop the most would be azuwa & nisa (girls,u really can't separate them from shopping can you).

We finished off at Pasar Payang at around 1pm and we took a short break at the hotel. After that, we went to Taman Tamadun Islam. It's located near the museum complex and a 15 minutes drive from our hotel. 2 main place is in here. 1 is the well-renowned Masjid Kristal (i think it looks more like a glass mosque than crystal -.-) and another is the Taman Monumen (here lies 21 replicas of mosque or monuments of Islamic origin from around the world!). And this is the place where we got extremely sunburned (because we stayed here from 2 - 5pm!)
After tiring (and burning) ourself to the max, we decided to go to kg. Losong to eat!

.:: Masjid Kristal ::.

.:: Entrance of Taman Monumen ::.

.:: 1st: Masjid Negara (M'sia) ::.

.:: 2nd: Masjid Kudus Minar (Jawa Tengah, Indonesia) ::.

.:: 3rd: Masjid Patani (Thailand) ::.

.:: 4th: Masjid Sultan Omar Ali Saifudin (Brunei) ::.

.:: 5th: Masjid Badshahi (Pakistan) ::.

.:: 6th: Taj Mahal (India) ::.

7th: Kubah As-Sakhrah (Palestin)

.:: 8th: Masjid Samarra (Iraq) ::.

.:: 9th: Masjid Sheikh Lutfallah (Iran) ::.

.:: 10th: Makam Abu Nasr Parsa (Afghanistan) ::.

.:: 11th: Masjidil Haram (Mekah) ::.

.:: 12th: Kubu Aleppo (Syria) ::.

.:: 13th: Masjid Mohamed Ali (Mesir) ::.

.:: 14th: Masjid Nabawi (Madinah) ::.

.:: 15th: Masjid Suleyman (Turki) ::.

.:: 16th: Masjid Qairawan (Tunisia) ::.

.:: nice pose evryone! :D ::.

.:: 17th: Al-Hambra (Sepanyol) *x ingat fullname.... ::.

.:: 18th: Menara Kalyan (Uzbekistan) ::.

.:: 19th: Masjid Besar Agadez (Nigeria) ::.

.:: 20th: Masjid Kul Sharif (Rusia) ::.

.:: 21st (finally, the last one): Masjid Xian (China) ::.

The following day, it's time for us to head back to Jerantut and we decided to go back early; at 8.30am. Why? Because I made an appointmet with Pn. Norhaslida (the Head of Biology Unit KMPh) to come to her house! But, before that, we sidetracked a while to Batu Rakit (a bit north of KT) to buy keropok at a shop called 'Keropok Sukaramai' (the keropok here is well-established to be good). Still, we managed to arrived at Pn. Has' house by 2pm and have our lunch there (thanks cikgu!)

.:: Pn. Has (my beloved Biology teacher) and her daughter (Aqilah her name but her nickname is Aishah) ::.

And we finally arrived back at Jerantut at 5pm,huh...tiring...i was practically exhausted because i drove the whole stretch. But, nevertheless, it was fun-filled and enjoyable to the max! ^.^

*back in Melaka now,so,expect the next part to be a bit delayed!
and current mood: happy~~~ as usual,if you want to see more pictures go to roy's, azuwa's or nisa's album in facebook!



NeeS said...

lapar..?! haha.. hang dh mkn nasi lemak memglar x lapar..
org x shopping byk pon.. sikit jer..pepandai jerr..
the true is> nasib xde bajet... kalo x lagik byk.. hehe

alialalala said...

tgk org lain gumbira gak

ieka zalikha said...

whoa..ko p uma pn has?

mis wahid ckp die jumpe ko 5 min je


wa said...

yg lapar tu mcm kite je,huhu.

XD said...

nisa:kire shopping jgk la tu.

lala:bgus2,lets spread the happiness people!

ieka:mmg jmp sekejap je pon ngn miss wahid,ckp sket2 je sbb dier ade kursus ptg tu

wa:tu la,pagi tu dh offer nk blikn breakfast xnk.

Salsabila said...

patut la aritu nisa call, tny ade kt mn... jalan2 kt KT rupanye...

amboi, abis 1 dunia korang pusing ye :p

lamanye x gi KMPh...

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