Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Elective posting Part 4: Back to nature

Salam & hi...

Finally got some time to post up the last part. So, this'll be the last enrty for the events or places that I went to during my elective weeks.

+----- Picnic at Lata Meraung -----+

According to locals, in Jerantut there's one interesting recreation spot called Lata Meraung. So, we decided that we want to go there and have a little picnic. We wanted to do so ever since the first week here however, time really is not on our side. Luckily, after finishing our visit to the PDK (dunno what this is?please refer to part 1), we have lots of free time that evening so, we went to the hypermarket and bought some stuffs so that we can prepare something for the picnic.

1st dish was roti sardin wrap in popia skin, this is azuwa's and nisa's recipe. The 2nd one was bergedel and this was prepared by me & roy! (it taste good too,haha...). The 3rd was the durian that we bought earlier.

.:: in the making of bergedel,haha... ::.

So, after we finished all the cooking we head to Lata Meraung at around 5pm or so. It's around 1 hour drive from bandar Jerantut in the direction to Kuala Lipis (and the road there is kinda creepy and dark because we have to traverse through a rubber plantation). So, we arrived around 6+ pm.

.:: very bad looking signboard... ::.

.:: nice.... ::.

.:: the foods ::.

.:: durian~~ my feveret ::.

The best part about it was there's only 4 of us there at that time. And truly it is beautiful and the water is crystal clear (but no fishes,aiya...). We only played at the bottom because to get to the waterfall we need another 1 hour or so hike into the forest (clearly not a good idea as it was already 6pm).

.:: before we got wet ::.

.:: roy paling bersemangat main air ::.

.:: all wet ::.

.:: drying up ::.

+----- Taman Negara Pahang (National Park) -----+

The trip to Jerantut wouldn't be complete if we failed to visit Taman Negara. So, we decided to go there on saturday of the last week. That morning the girls prepared some ration (roti telur,french fries,roti ngn mayonis) to bring over during our trip.

Taman Negara is accessible via two route, either land or water (by boat and the jetty is located at Bandar Jerantut itself). We decided to access it via land and to go there, there's actually a signboard so you wouldn't get lost (you can either follow the signboard to Taman Negara or Kuala Tahan; from Jerantut, go on the direction of Kuantan or Jengka and you should find it or you can just take a bus from Jerantut). Either way the time taken would be close to 1 hour to arrive there.

We departed at 9am and the road is not a straight one and there's lots of 'chocolate cake' (as the locals called it) lying on the ground,haha...and sometimes either cows, birds, dogs or monkeys cross the road (actually we found one dead cow lying on the center of the road, almost hit it again though).

.:: Taman Negara! ::.

Arriving there, 1st thing is to get an entry permit and a camera permit each cost rm1 and rm5 respectively (both can be bought at the information counter and they'll provide you with a map as well). After obtaining that, we started our hike and went to two places. The 1st one was the Canopy Walkway (located 1.5km from the entrance).

.:: must cross the river first to get to the entrance ::.

.:: I wonder what's over there.... ::.

.:: what's up there? ::.

.:: a very large tree back there ::.

The canopy walkway is very thrilling and according to the staff, the highest point is 70 metres (walao,must be very painful if you were to fall down). And during our turn to go on the walkway, there's actually a bunch of Singaporean boy scouts (aged less than 12 y/o i guess). They blatantly ignore the rules and literally jump up and down on the walkway causing it to shake very bad. Other than that, it was an awesome experience.

.:: the canopy walkway ::.

.:: oh yeah! ::.

.:: terkejut ke roy? ::.

.:: jalan bukan menari la... ::.

.:: cool je ::.

After that, we decided to climb up to Bukit Teresek. The peak is located 1.5km from the end of the canopy walkway. After getting some rest, we started the climb. It was tiring and halfway, nisa started complaining feeling dizzy and all and we were like afraid in case if she will suddenly get an asthmatic attack (middle of the forest + asthma attack + no inhaler = ....not good) but alhamdulillah everything went ok and we managed to achieved the peak (oh yeah!) and the view was amazing.

.:: en route; this pic looks nice ::.

.:: at the peak ::.

.:: nice view ::.

Then, we return back to the entrance because everyone is tired and the closest interesting place after that is more than 3km away! In total, to-and-fro, the hike was around 6km.

.:: See you again! ::.

+---------- The End -----------+

I guess this wraps up our elective weeks at Jerantut. Overall, our elective posting experience in Jerantut was awesome and really mind-opening as it allow us to meet the unfortunate people in the community and also learnt the process involved in aiding them (not to mention the vacation part,haha).

*suddenly i got a feeling something bad is happening... (Ya Allah, please removed this bad feeling from my heart)
1 more thing; i would like to remind, Dina's wedding reception is this saturday so, let's go there everyone! do anyone have any plans to make a convoy?



NeeS said...

Huh.. memg pancitlar daki bukit teresek tuh.. haish, idea saperlar suruh mendaki nih.. nasib baik sampai gak..

alialalala said...

seb bek xde pape
masa aku g taman negara dulu
masa nak naik tu la
kwn aku kena asthma attack
pengsan x larat da nak jalan
smpai kena dokong kat blkg bwk die turun ke bwh

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