Thursday, May 29, 2008

BLS?? CPR?? It ain't that easy.......

salam & hi all...

Yesterday good & bad things happenned in my life. The good thing first; finally i got my BLS cert, selepas 2 kali try, huh... 1st time on Tuesday fail mcq, alhamdulillah ari ni reseat mcq & pass... Tq kpd cik Lala yg telah meminjamkn hardcopy soalan pastyear, ur help r very much appreciated!! :)
Before going to d BLS session (again), me with my group went to the OT and tagged with d anest dr in paed & uro OT. They were fun, we done a few procedures and we learned a lot too, including some 'not good' stuffs, hehe.. my group will know wut is this. Then we inserted an IV cannula to each others hand! yep, it was a good morning!

* aku mencucuk tgn Lala & it was successful!muahaha *

* bile mfk plak yg buat kat aku, seb baek masuk, haha *

* sesi CPR & defibrillate *

* Lala berusaha menyelamatkan mannequin yg sdg tercekik *

* baby yg unconscious *

* iyas ditendang oleh mannequin sbb salah buat, lol *

* d conclusion, we have fun!! *

The bad thing; real CPR is not that simple...after getting my cert, i rushed to the A&E dept. because i saw a patient that had cardiac arrest being pushed into the resus room. There, i assisted the Dr, nurses & MA in CPR-ing the patient. Guess what, it's very tiring coz it took around 50+ minutes and lastly, the patient died (may Allah bless him). So, d morale of dis story is that, dun take your BLS skills for granted, it may mean life to sumone else, k?

And yesterday night, sumthing nice also happenned, a fun night i suppose, hehe... :)



MiLuViA said...

1. wat is the nt gud stuff kt ot?
2. uiyooo assess cpr. best tuh..

MiLuViA said...

anyway mn video cpr yg so called gempak yg duk kecoh tu?

MiLuViA said...

And yesterday night, sumthing nice also happenned, a fun night i suppose, hehe... :)


XD said...

1.d not gud stuff @ ot x leh ckp kat cni,bhy,tnyer la lala ke,wani ke..hoho.. 2 ader,later aku copy dlm thumbdrv
3.d nice thing is....ader la,xmo explain,lalala~~,haha...

alialalala said...

aiyak da tulis pepanjang ilang plak

aisy..bapak sy ikhlas....smoga d ophtal bapak leh menunjuk ajar anak mu yg 'slow' ini

dan cik miluvia kelihatan bgitu 'sibuk' + 'uncomfortable mode'+ dun wanna tell u d not gud stuff story..haha